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Zac Efron with full beard

Zac Efron Spotted Holding Hands With Vanessa Valladares! Romance Confirmed?

Instagram @zac efron
By Jacob Highley

Zac Efron rose to fame after starring in a hit Disney Channel musical production reprising the character of Troy Bolton in the High School Musical trilogy. The 32-year-old “17 Again” star remains one of the most studly and heavily followed actors over the last two decades.

Efron’s reported romance with Baywatch co-star Alexandra Daddario turned out to be a more short-lived spark than the media anticipated, but now Efron is reportedly with a new flame in his life named Vanessa Valladares.

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Romantic Lunch

Zac Efron black and white
Instagram @zac efron

Valladares was spotted with Zac holding hands and having lunch together Saturday with the paparazzi taking photos of their romantic outing together. (Here’s the pics)

Rumor has it that Vannessa and Zac have become so serious about their relationship that she has quit her job and is staying at Zac’s house most of the time.

Nothing has been confirmed by either of these apparent love birds yet, but sources have shared some interesting details about the two of them.

'Earlier In The Summer'

Zack Efron with rocks in background
Instagram @zac efron

A Source told People that the two of them are positively smitten by each other.

“Zac met Ness earlier in the summer," the source told PEOPLE. "They started hanging out in Jul and recently took a ski trip together."

The source continued by saying, "You can tell that they are having fun. She spends a lot of time at his house."

Previously it seemed like Efron had been solely prioritizing his philanthropic endeavors and his social media influence, but now fans are taking a second look.

'Zac's New Girlfriend?'

Zac Efron on brick wall
Instagram @zac efron

After reports came out about Zac and Vanessa, the Australian model’s social media starting blowing up with fans eager to uncover whether the rumors were true.

Comments like these started appearing everywhere.

“are you zac's new girlfriend ???” (Commentator)

“You are a beauty. And so very lucky for getting a hug from Zac Efron 😉 “ (Commentator)

Despite how none of these questions have been answered directly, the latest photos and updates confirm that they are definitely together. Plus their social media shows them in a similar location even before the latest hand-holding pics!

It Remains To Be Seen

Vanessa Valladares black and white photo
Instagram @_is_ness

Zac’s last social media update shows him on an exotic beach side being photographed in a hammock by an unknown photographer. And of course, Vanessa was seen in what appears to be a similar location on her own accounts!

It remains to be seen whether things will get more serious between the two and whether they will make it social media official online. So far, there is only the hand holding pics and speculation as to whether they are romantic in bed.

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