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Ireland Baldwin poses at an event

Ireland Baldwin Lowers Overalls For Stunning 'Lollipop' Shots

gotpap/ / MEGA
By Rebecca Cukier

Ireland Baldwin didn't need a bikini to knock the camera dead today. The 24-year-old model and daughter to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger updated her Instagram shot close up and mostly covered-up – Ireland is fresh from making bikini headlines as she channeled her "Inner Tiger King," then got super-real about period bloat.

Ireland, followed by 620,000 on her Instagram, also featured some candy in a round-a-bout way, plus a little makeup display as she shouted out Milk Makeup. Check it out below.

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Bikini Bombshell Drops Stunning Selfies

Ireland Baldwin poses in a bikini near her outdoors plants

Scroll for the photos. The above one landed on Ireland's Instagram over Labor Day Weekend, with the video straight after it causing a massive storm as Ireland called the paparazzi "scum," said she didn't care about them, then got dragged out for being a hypocrite.

Today's snaps came as selfies. The blonde beauty had gone super close-up in her opening snap, seen gazing ahead with hints of an orange top and denim overalls visible. Fans then saw more with a swipe-right.

'Lollipop', And Fans Notice Tiny Details

Ireland Baldwin poses in overalls for a selfie

Ireland, looking sultry in the next snap as she posed showing a one-shouldered overalls finish and rosy cheeks, also wore gold hoop earrings, plus immaculately-applied cosmetics from 2014-founded brand Milk Makeup. The caption kept things simple as Ireland threw out a lollipop emoji.

Ireland's followers have been spotting the tiny details. Namely, the small, tattoo-like heart appearing on the model's face – "Did you draw on that beautiful little 🖤?" one asked. A like also quickly came in from model and wife to Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin. The two are cousins.

Slammed Over 'Period Bloat' Video


Ireland has made headlines this month, and they had nothing to do with her headline-making August celebration as she marked six years free from anorexia and bulimia. The star's Sunday video saw her call out both TMZ and The Daily Mail for photographing her so invasively, calling employees in the industry "rats" and "scum." A reply flew in:

"This is awful. I know you’re young and smart. But what you’re actually doing is making a gigantic video about how you don’t “care” when it’s clear that you do. Or you wouldn’t make the video."

The user also told Ireland they couldn't relate to her "period bloat" problems as she was in the top "2% of the American genetic lottery." And Ireland clapped right back. Check out her response after the video.

Fires Back, Says She Isn't In The Top 2%

Ireland Baldwin poses in a dress with a bag

Ireland responded: "I’m sorry but you are an awful human being. I’m not making any kind of gigantic video about how I don’t care and as I mentioned multiple times, Of course I care! It hurts my feelings."

Ireland also stated not feeling that she's in the top 2% of the genetic lottery, rather that she's just grateful to have her health and had posted her "Green Tea" solutions post to raise awareness. "Anyone with a brain and a period could relate to my bloated problems," she added.

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