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A lovely photo showing Ellen DeGeneres waving at a someone on the street and she has on a polka dot button-down shirt with a black jacket and blue denim pant.

'Friends': Ellen DeGeneres Declines Rejecting Phoebe Buffay's Role On The Sitcom

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Ellen DeGeneres is an incredible and successful America Television personality. She is also a talented comedian. However, before she became a full time TV host and even owned a show, Ellen dabbled into movies.

She has appeared in several amazing and iconic movies in the past, and rumors say that she was almost a cast on a popular sitcom titled "Friends."

Rumors also had it that the 62-year-old rejected a cast on the show. However, she recently commented on this rumor in an interview and it appears to be false.

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Did Ellen DeGeneres Attend College?

A photo featuring Ellen DeGeneres in a denim button-down shirt with a pair of white pant and brown sneakers.
Janet Gough / AFF-USA.COM / MEGA

Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born in Metairie, Louisiana on January 26, 1958. She is a stand-up comedian and writer, among other things.

When she graduated from Atlanta High School, she proceeded to the University of New Orleans to study communication studies.

However she only stayed for a semester, after which she decided to work menial jobs. These jobs included being a painter, hostess and bartender.

Ellen once mentioned that whenever she tells a joke, she draws inspiration from her childhood experiences as well as her career as a whole.

Was Ellen DeGeneres Approached For A Role On 'Friends?'

An amazing photo showing Ellen DeGeneres stealing the show in a blue sweater, fitted pant and sneakers.

From what the TV show host said in a 2015 interview, she was not approached for a role on the sitcom. The rumors stated that the producers of the sitcom allegedly wanted to give her a main role.

Also, it was alleged that Ellen rejected Phoebe Buffay's role.

Ellen explained to The Howard Stern Show that there was no way she could reject the actress' role because she was never part of it.

In the end, the said role was given to Lisa Kudrow.

Ellen DeGeneres Appeared In Iconic Movies

Ellen DeGeneres looks awesome in a sweatshirt and track pant on a shopping errand.

When fans find out that a certain celebrity used to be on the big screens as a movie star, but is now into other career choices, it's quite surprising for them. Many people have that feeling about Ellen.

The one-time actress featured in several amazing films and would easily have been a sought-after actress. However, she decided to pursue a different kind of TV career.

She has also done well for herself in the comedy world, which she began in the early 80.

Presently, Ellen has a net worth of over $300 million.

Ellen DeGeneres' Recent Scandal Involves Her Show

A throwback photo of Ellen DeGeneres posing on the red carpet in a shiny black suit and pant, with one of her awards.

The TV show host has been running her show since 2003 and a lot of staff have gone and come to work for her show. However, recently, a report revealed that series of allegations were levied against her.

These allegations include; sexual harassment, racism and in general, toxic work behavior towards staff.

Some of her close friends, including Kevin Hart defended her honor openly, stating that these allegations are untrue. Since these allegations came to light, Ellen has not directly commented on it, but send out a profound apology to all her staff.

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