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Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella Says She Has 18 Pounds To Lose While Showing Off 'Real' Postpartum Body

By Jeff Mazzeo

Nikki Bella isn't one of those celebrity moms that will suddenly reappear in the public eye after months of working out because that's not real and she wants to support all the real moms!

The "Total Bellas" star overcame her fear on Monday and flaunted her "real" body just weeks after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy, Matteo. The new mom wasn't showing off (although she looks fantastic) but wanted to give her millions of fans a true taste of what a postpartum figure looks like.

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Scariest Turn Of Her Life


"the raw and real me... yeah super scared! 🙈" she captioned her post to encourage the Bella Army to view her IG story.

Nikki bravely appeared on her Instagram story in a black sports bra and matching bottoms. She expressed how nervous she was about revealing the true state of her body at this point in time.

"I felt like it was the right thing to do [showing her fans her true self] because I feel like sometimes on social media and people in the spotlight truly don't showcase how hard postpartum can be," she began.

"Here I am!" she continued. "I am 18 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight."

It's Worth It


Nikki mentioned that some of her weight came from pizza and "having too much fun" but she is committed to getting back in tip-top shape. She will be sharing every step of the way with her beloved following.

"I am now on a journey to lose 18 pounds but in the most healthiest way possible because breastfeeding, obviously, and giving my son the most amazing nutrition is number one," she stated.

"It's worth all the curves, all the changes, the hard work to get my body back in shape because I have the most amazing little boy ever!" she exclaimed.

Nikki's Mom Life Is Much Different Than Brie's

Nikki Bella in a black sports bra.

Nikki did her best to comfort all the new moms out there and promised them that they are not alone.

"It isn't easy seeing your body change, physically, mentally, all the changes of postpartum, I feel you," she said. "And we are exhausted on top of it."

She then admitted that Brie is having a much easier time than she is because it's her second time around.

"Brie, jees, just looks so good and then I try to copy her and... yeah," she told the camera. "Our mom lives, right now, are a bit different. She has two, I have one."

Welcoming Matteo

Nikki Bella's baby Matteo

Nikki gave birth to Matteo on July 31 and he weighed 7 lbs and 3 oz. The little guy was also 19 and 3/4 inches long! Nikki went into labor and gave birth just one day before her twin sister, Brie Bella, who gave birth on August 1.

Brie told PEOPLE that she was "a little mad" that Nikki's water broke before hers. While only a week apart, Brie's due date was before her sisters but that's how unpredictable babies are.

"I compete at everything," Nikki joked.

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