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Ireland Baldwin in a bikini on the beach

Ireland Baldwin's 'Period Bloat' Bikini Rant Roasted On Instagram

Rachpoot / MEGA
By Rebecca Cukier

Ireland Baldwin ranting for 6 minutes and 39 seconds while in a leopard-print bikini appears to have caused a storm on her Instagram. The 24-year-old model and daughter to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger made headlines on Sunday for channeling her "Inner Tiger King" in animal-print swimwear, but the photo shared over Labor Day Weekend took on a very different turn with the video shared right after it.

Ireland, slamming media outlets like TMZ and The Daily Mail for their paparazzi snaps of her, now sees her own followers calling her a hypocrite. Check it out below.

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Video Isn't To Be 'Your Little IG Hoe'

Ireland Baldwin poses by steps in a bikini

Scroll for the video. Ireland, followed by 620,000 on Instagram and recently in the news for celebrating six years free of anorexia and bulimia, had gotten honest. Some might say brave. The blonde, who stands at a statuesque 6'1'', stood in her stylish bikini while saying she'd posted her body three days ago – and she can gain up to 10 pounds with period bloat.

The reason she made the video "isn't to just gallivant in a bikini," Ireland explained, adding that she wasn't being "your little IG hoe."

Calling Media Outlets 'Rats' And 'Scum' In Raw Reveal

Ireland Baldwin in a bikini on the beach
Rachpoot / MEGA

Keep scrolling for the video. "The reason why I'm making this video," Ireland continued: "Is because I wanna normalize something that I feel like a lot of girls experience."

The video, which did extend into healthy advice from Ireland including psyllium husk, did, however, address the paparazzi – "all of those media trash outlets," Ireland said as she called the media outlet employees "rats" and "scum." Ireland admitted she has no clue why she's photographed so much, also saying she hits the beach because she doesn't "give a f-ck."

The storm had nothing to do with the green tea recommended in Baldwin's caption.

Called Out Over Paparazzi Comments

Ireland Baldwin poses in a swimsuit indoors

A comment shooting to the top dragged the model out for seemingly not caring about the paparazzi, then trashing the industry.

"This is awful. I know you’re young and smart. But what you’re actually doing is making a gigantic video about how you don’t “care” when it’s clear that you do. Or you wouldn’t make the video."

The fan, telling Ireland she was in the "2%" of the "American genetic lottery," added it was hard to "relate to your “bloated” problems when a lot of us actually have problems. Read the room."

Ireland has now replied.

She Claps Right Back

Ireland Baldwin poses for a selfir in a floral dress

Ireland, who was elsewhere sent the thumbs-up for getting super-honest, has responded to the user, since garnering mass support from others. She wrote:

"I’m sorry but you are an awful human being. I’m not making any kind of gigantic video about how I don’t care and as I mentioned multiple times, Of course I care! It hurts my feelings."

Ireland added that she didn't "win" the genetic lottery, that she was raising awareness, and that she's happy to have her health. "Anyone with a brain and a period could relate to my bloated problems," she concluded.

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