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Syngin and Tania continue to clash on 'Happily Ever After?' regarding his committment and life goals.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Viewers Say Tania Should've Known Syngin's Mindset From The Beginning Of Their Relationship

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Syngin and Tania have been in Syngin's home country of South Africa on the past few weeks of ’90 Day Fiancé’: 'Happily Ever After?' The trip was initially made after Syngin's brother sustained an injury and he felt the need to book a flight as soon as possible in order to go see him. Syngin and Tania ended up having dinner with his family and arguments ensued immediately. This was regarding Syngin's commitment to the relationship as well as his goals in life.

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Tania and Syngin went to South Africa to see Syngin's family but have been arguing the majority of the trip.

Many of these issues come from the fact that Syngin hasn't been able to find a job and Tania cannot work for now due to a car crash that put her in a boot. Prior to the crash, the two had planned to move down to Florida. Syngin also misses his home country along with his family members. Life for him in America was far from what he envisioned it to be. Tania has since vented her frustrations to his family and friends as well.

Syngin's friends are also skeptical about he and Tania making it.

On last night's episode, Tania and Syngin caught up with his friends, Andrew and James. Tania was discussing the ups and downs of their relationship and how she ignored the red flags in the early stages. Then, she believed that those were things that could be pushed aside.

"There were so many flags back then,” Tania said. “Like all these flags that come up now, I think ‘why did I even stay?’ But it was not a big deal at the time.”

Social media has since said that Tania should've took the early signs of this relationship seriously.
Tania Maduro- Instagram

Andrew backed up Syngin by saying "You saw it but you just chose not to believe it. [Syngin] was completely honest and blatant with everything. You sold yourself.”

Andrew and James even trolled the situation by asking themselves if they should place a bet on if the two would end up working out. 90 Day viewers on social media have since agreed with them that she should've saw the signs from the beginning, especially after he said he didn't want kids while knowing that she did.

Tania and Syngin have been seen to have two completely different mindsets on  ’90 Day Fiancé.'
Tania Maduro- Instagram

"Like Syngin MAY have stated who and what he was but Tania from the get go told him straight up what she expected," said @s4dshawty on Twitter. "Kids, etc. They both went in thinking they could get past the obvious differences."

Many others agreed that Tania and Syngin's heads are in two completely different spaces and it raises concerns about if the marriage will hold up. The two still post photos of each other on social media but we will see if their obstacles were truly overcame.

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