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Colt dated both Larissa and Jess, as both relationships failed.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Larissa Blasts Colt For Leaking Her and Ex-GF Jess' Nude Photos On His Only Fans Page

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Colt Johnson is currently back on '90 Day Fiancé' this season on the 'Happily Ever After?' series. He's been dating Brazilian woman, Jess Caroline and the future seemed bright after one of the early episodes when the two met in Chicago. Colt went to Brazil to meet her and her family but that's when she was angry about the fact that his friend, Vanessa was staying with him at his home in Las Vegas. Then, Jess went on to visit him in Vegas.

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Colt and Jess dated on 'Happily Ever After?' this season but things came crashing down quickly.

On last night's episode, things officially ended between Colt and Jess after she realized that Vanessa was still staying at this home with him and his mother, Debbie. Jess went on to stand by her claim that Vanessa and Colt aren't just friends. This is also where Jess said that Colt has been texting eight women and he was sending out photos of his penis to them. Colt's ex-GF Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Jess also met up to discuss how bad of a man Colt is and how Jess is now free.

Jess and Larissa are now exposing Colt for leaking their nude photos on his Only Fans page.
Jess Caroline- Instagram

Now, Colt is even deeper hot water when it comes to Jess and Larissa. The two revealed that on his Only Fans account, he has been leaking nude photos of the two. This is hinting that Colt has been trying to put out revenge porn.

“Hello everyone, I am really nervous right now about a DM I just received by a guy who says he is [Colt’s] friend my ex boyfriend, a guy who uses women to stay relevant on the 90 Day Fiancé show," said Jess in her Instagram stories. He is the only person who I trusted to sending private pictures while we were dating long distance."

Larissa also says that Colt leaked photos of her on his Only Fans account.
Larissa Dos Santos Lima- Instagram

"Now I just got this DM from his friend and he told me [Colt] sent it to him," Jess continued. "Everyone already knows [Colt] loves to leak pictures of his [penis]. But I never could imagine he could get that far and leak images that I trusted on him."

Larissa also chimed in and bashed Colt for doing the same thing to her.

"I don’t authorize him to use in any degree my photos, images on his OnlyFans account. … I don’t care what it is, I just don’t want to be related to him."

Colt has since been trolling on Instagram with his "Colt 'D*ck Pic' Johnson" name.
Colt Johnson- Instagram

Larissa continued to call out Colt by telling him to be a man and how he will always be a loser.

“Stop, grow, be a man. Stop with this sh*t. Nobody cares anymore, okay? … After that you’re a loser, and you’re gonna die a loser, cause you’re never gonna grow. You’re never gonna learn."

Colt doesn't seem to care much as on his Instagram, he is trolling with his "Colt 'D*ck Pic' Johnson" name. Revenge porn lawsuits could very well be a possibility by Larissa and Jess.

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