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Carrie Underwood poses for a photo with a smile

Carrie Underwood's 5-Year-Old Son Goes Viral With Marshmallow Jesus Thoughts

By Rebecca Cukier

Carrie Underwood's 5-year-old son Isaiah has gone viral after sharing a unique, adorable, and "can't make it up" kind of thought involving Jesus Christ and marshmallows. The 37-year-old country superstar and clothing designer took to Twitter over Labor Day Weekend with her eldest son's random musings – Carrie confirmed they were "Random thoughts out of nowhere from my 5-year-old," then sharing what Isaiah had to say.

Carrie, also raising 1-year-old Jacob with retired NHL player Mike Fisher, more than got a response. Check it out below.

5-Year-Old Has Thoughts On Jesus And Marshmallows

Carrie Underwood backstage with her son

Carrie's tweet read:

"Isaiah: “A long time ago, when Jesus was on the earth, he didn’t even know that marshmallows were going to be a thing.”

Carrie then shared her own reaction, writing: "Me: “I don’t know, buddy, somehow, I think he knew...”

The singer's followers have picked up on the tweet. Alongside retweeting it and leaving the "Southbound" singer over 10,000 likes, they've been replying.

"Please make this a thread where you tweet all of Isaiah’s thoughts because THIS is the content i signed up for," one fan wrote. Another, meanwhile, said: "Random Isaiah comments always make me smile! Face with tears of joy This kid asks the questions we probably all have thought at some point."

Scroll for more family photos of Carrie, 2010-married husband Mike, and their two precious sons.

Raising The Kids As Christians

Carrie Underwood poses with a coffee tumbler

Carrie, who told People that she and Mike included bible stories for bedtime reading back in 2015, has since revisited the issue of faith in her family. This summer, the CALIA by Carrie founder and husband featured in their "Mike & Carrie: God & Country" series, with Mike saying:

"I want my sons to see me and be like, 'This is real, this isn't just what he's saying; this is not an informed faith, this is like a transformed faith and my dad is different. That's the goal. It can't be just about knowing about God or Jesus, it has to be about really following."

Carrie Wants Kids To Know They're Loved By God

Carrie Underwood holding her baby and a photo of her sons with Mike Fisher

Carrie, meanwhile, stated: "There are some not-too-great things that happen in the world and happen within families, and we are all flawed, and our flaws I think sometimes ripple out onto everybody else."

The singer, now in the news for her upcoming Christmas album, "My Gift," added: "But through everything I want the people in my life that I love to know that they are loved by God, they're wanted."

Carrie's marriage to Mike is one of the most adored in country music. The blonde has also opened up about her conception hardships, suffering three miscarriages in two years.

Motherhood Factors Into Everything

Carrie Underwood poses with a coffee on a couch

Carrie, who shot to fame after winning "American Idol" back in 2005, now sees her motherhood factoring into every aspect of her life. The singer's CALIA by Carrie promos show her surrounded by toys at home, she took Mike and the boys along for her 2019 "Cry Pretty 360" tour, and her upcoming and November-due album even features a collab with son Isaiah.

Carrie marked 10 years of marriage to Mike this summer. "I love you and I thank the Good Lord that He brought these two together!" she wrote while sharing throwbacks of herself and her now-husband.

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