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A lovely photo showing Matt Damon speaking into a microphone at an event and he has on a blue long-sleeve shirt.

Matt Damon Opens Up On This Iconic Role He Had To Shed 50 Pounds Of Weight For

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Matt Damon is a talented and versatile actor whom fans always love watching on the big screens.

Sometimes, actors find it difficult bringing a character to life and sticking with it. However, there are a few like Damon who are quite talented and go to the extreme when it’s time to bring a character to life.

Recently, Damon revealed that he almost went too far with his health for a film, that may have resulted in something tragic.

Read below to find out more details.

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Matt Damon Took His Dieting Too Far

A photo showing Matt Damon sporting a jacket, with a black long-sleeve sweater and denim pant to match.

Damon landed a major role in a movie and one of the criteria for the role, was that he had to lose a lot of weight. Surprisingly, the actor went toe long distance with his diet and this almost resulted in a far worse outcome.

According to the actor, he placed himself on a diet of mainly chicken and ran over 13 miles every day.

Damon took his dieting too far and at the end of almost 6 months, he had lost over 50 pounds.

Which Role Was Matt Damon On A Diet For?

A photo showing Matt Damon on the streets, wearing casual clothes and a face-mask.
BG004/ / MEGA

Damon then landed a role in “Courage Under Fire.” The movie was centered around the history of the Gulf War and it had a lot of amazing cast.

From Meg Ryan to Denzel Washington and Matt Damon, who was played a special role in the film as Specialist Andrew Ilario.

Damon’s character, initially worked as a medical personnel. However, he became addicted to heroin. To make his addiction look more real, “The Martian” actor had to extremely lose a lot of weight through vigorous dieting.

Matt Damon Became Famous For The Role

An amazing photo showing Matt Damon with a huge smile on his face and he looks incredible.
Instagram | Matt Damon

When actors go the extra mile to bring out a character, fans are often thrilled about it. Although Damon’s exercises and diet for the role was a bit extreme, fans still appreciated all his efforts in making the character very real.

For this reason, the Damon became very famous after the movie and had an increased fan base in no time. His acting skills and commitment to the character he played in the film, set him up for bigger and more amazing roles.

Thankfully, he did not have to lose any more weight.

Matt Damon’s Acting Is One Of A Kind

Matt Damon is proof that people can age backwards in this iconic photo.
Instagram | Matt Damon

Damon was brought up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and studied in Harvard University.

Whole he was in school, Damon was lucky to get a few movie roles by working extra hard at auditions that he signed up for.

Boston Magazine revealed that luck shined down on the actor when he came across Ben Affleck in Los Angeles and the duo became very close. They worked on some projects together and in no time, started getting amazing movie deals.

Damon is the kind of actor that has always challenged himself off and on screen and this is why most of his roles are difficult to handle.

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