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Blac Chyna poses with sprinkles on her

Blac Chyna Ridiculed Wearing Only Sprinkles On Tekashi 6ix9ine's Instagram

By Rebecca Cukier

Blac Chyna is getting straight-up ridiculed as footage of her in nothing but multicolor candy sprinkles and platform boots marks her presence in Tekashi 6ix9ine's new "TUTU" video. The 32-year-old model and reality star was all over 24-year-old 6ix9ine's Instagram ahead of the weekend – September 4 marked the rapper's post-prison "TattleTales" album release, with the new music video bringing him wielding a flame-thrower and Chyna flaunting some major assets.

Tekashi, real name Daniel Hernandez, might see his own Instagram followers dubbing his new album "garbage," but Chyna has been getting her share of the shade, too. Check it out below.

'Damn She Need Money That Bad', Surgery Accusations

Blac Chyna poses in a swimsuit poolside

Scroll for the videos – best keep the kids out the room. "TUTU" brings the rainbow rapper's trademark loud colors and bikini-clad ladies –girlfriend Jade features in the girl squad, with former "Rob & Chyna" star Blac Chyna turning up the heat by parading her very curvy rear all over a car while rocking candy floss hair, absolutely no clothing, tons of sprinkles, and pink platform boots.

Replies are not flattering the ex to Rob Kardashian – "That plastic starting to melt," a fan wrote with over 400 others agreeing. And the comments kept coming.

'LMAFAO BLAC CHYNA' – Fans Aren't Feeling Friendly

Tekashi69 poses with Blac Chyna and his girlfriend near cars

Another fan mocking the model and entrepreneur wrote: "LMFAO BLAC CHYNA" with a string of alien emoji, adding: "HELL NAH."

"Damn, she need money that bad" proved hugely-liked as a response. The controversial rapper also faced criticism for his choice of celebrity – "Oh bru could of used annyyyy other chick to be in his video but he had to choose Blac Chyna," one fan wrote.

"TattleTales" comes as 6ix9ine's first album since completing his house arrest this summer – the rapper, sentenced to two years in a New York prison for charges linked to his gang days, was let out early in April on account of coronavirus and his asthma. More after the video.

Rapper Claims Music Distribution Straight-Up Cheating Him


Tekashi is fresh from a new video admitting he was in a "bad mood" after searching both Apple Music and Spotify on phones and not seeing his album recommended under New Releases.

"Yeah, so what's up everybody. I woke up in a bad mood...Supposed to be in a good mood, but I'm in a bad mood," he said on IG today, adding:

"Album just dropped yesterday. I'm looking at all these DSPs, DSPs is Apple Music, Spotify. Yo, they completely shutting us out like we didn't drop not a single thing."

Admits He's Addicted To Attention

Tekashi69 poses by a private jet

6ix9ine, lately in the news both for dangerously trolling gang members in L.A. and Chicago and giving a landmark New York Times interview, has admitted that his in-your-face persona and appearance are something he feeds off of. He told the newspaper:

"Oh, of course. I love it. I grew up being a nobody. Genuinely, as a kid, I felt like I was just walking invisibly. I never want to feel that way. My goal is to feed me and mine."

The album, largely getting the thumbs-down from the rapper's fans, has also gotten mega-trashed by rapper Blueface who called it "terrible."

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