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An amazing photo-shoot session, showing Pamela Anderson rocking a white T-shirt and holding a big orange bag across her shoulder.

Pamela Anderson Has Found New Love Amid Split From Jon Peters

Redondo/Ashoka Paris/MEGA
By Favour

Did she just get involved with two men in lest than 14 days?

A report recently confirmed that Pamela Anderson is now romantically involved with her bodyguard, whose name is withheld at the moment. The actress, had just split from her husband, Jon Peters, whom she was only married to for 12 days.

Since this news got out, fans have been hammering on explanations from the actress, but so far, nothing concrete has been said yet.

Will fans eventually get what they want? Only time will tell that fact.

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Pamela Anderson Was Married For Only 12 Days

Pamela Anderson looks exquisite in this low-cut shiny black dress for a photo-shoot session and she is carrying a pink purse.
Redondo/Ashoka Paris/MEGA

People walk down the aisle for a lot of different reasons, Sometimes, it has to do with love and other times, it solely has to do with loyalty or guilt. However, when a union between couples does not seem like it will head in the right direction eventually, they;re allowed to back out.

There are celebrities who have been married for years and still kicking it. All it takes, is finding the right one. In Anderson's case, her right one may have been guarding her all this time. She was only married for 12 days, before decided to split.

Pamela Anderson Is Reportedly In Love! Again!

Pamela Anderson looks amazing from the top view, as she is seen wearing a white plain long-sleeve T-shirt and holding a pink purse.
Redondo/Ashoka Paris/MEGA

Page Six recently reported that the lock-down has taken its toll on Anderson, however, he has found a way to cope through it.

What better way is there, to push all the anxieties of the pandemic out, than by being with a love interest.

According to the network, the 53-year-old and her boyfriend, who is reportedly in his 40s, have been going strong for quite a while.

The report also revealed that the unknown security guard and the actress are getting pretty serious.

Pamela Anderson Addresses Marriage Scandal

A beautiful image of Pamela Anderson in a blue satin jumpsuit, with an orange purse hanging over her shoulder.
Redondo/Ashoka Paris/MEGA

In a Twitter statement, Anderson decided to set the record straight on what was really happening between her and Jon Peters. She opened up about not being legally married to the American producer.

"Pamela was never legally married to Jon Peters... No hard feelings, no divorce, just a bizarre theatrical lunch.

She also went on to talk about her plans for future commitments. She said that she would definitely want to get married again. However, when that time finally comes, she will want it to be the very last one.

The Love Interests Are Spending Quality Time Together

Pamela Anderson looks incredible in this fitted gold dress, with matching heels and purse at an event.

It is unclear when the "Home Improvement" star and her bodyguard decided to hit it off, but ended her marriage in January 2020.

Her alleged new lover, has been on her security team for over two years and in that time, they have gotten to know each other better.

A source revealed to Page Six that the duo have been traveling to places around Canada and spending a lot of quality time together. The source also mentioned that Anderson's bodyguard is not famous and that is why he is perfect for her.

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