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Christian Aguilera with microphone

Christina Aguilera & Her Kids Watch The New 'Mulan,' Share Experience On Social Media!

By Jacob Highley

Christian Aguilera just revealed on Twitter that she and her family watched the brand new Mulan movie that was released on Disney Plus. The 39-year-old “Moves Like Jagger” singer was among the music artists to lend their talents on he original animated Mulan movie in 1998, and she was asked to do so again for the new live-action version.

She redid her original song “Reflections” which she originally recorded as a teenager, and posted sharing that remaking this song was an emotional and special experience for her.

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'A Beautiful Thing'

Christina Aguilera with gold earrings

Aguilera explained that her kids were aware of the work she was doing on the movie, but weren’t aware of its release. Sharing it with her kids was that much more special for her.

“My kids know about #Mulan, but they haven’t seen the live action version yet. They’ve heard the music, they saw me recording it in the studio — so it’s a beautiful thing to share that with my children now”

Christina went on to share how she felt everything was just right for the viewing of the movie.

'Cozy Blanket'

Christina Aguilera with pink hair

She went to say that she didn’t want to be anywhere else since everything was perfect.

“cozy blanket to snuggle up with kids?... popcorn, kids snacks dim room, candles lit mood happy to be nowhere else in the world cozy blanket to snuggle up with kids?... popcorn, kids snacks dim room, candles lit mood happy to be nowhere else in the world”

Christiana was so emotional while recording the new version that she shared how she cried several times and had to compose herself to continue.

'While Crying'

Christina Aguilera with lipstick

“Recording the new Reflection was actually very emotional for me. I teared up many times (had to swallow the emotion because I’m not an accurate singer while crying I realized & appreciated how much has changed from the original place & time I recorded this song.”

Fans expressed their heartfelt love for hearing Christina being do honest about her experience with the song with many of them commenting how they absolutely loved the song when they were younger and really like the new one too.

'Hard To Sing'

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Surprisingly, many of the comments didn’t communicate any discontentment with the movie releasing for an extra $30 on Disney Plus on top of the subscription fee.

“Honey its hard to sing and cry at the same time. Actually its hard to cry and try to do virtually anything” (Commentator)

“That's why I cried i was a little kid when it first was released and I would belt it out. Now I am listening to the new version with my kids belting it out” (Commentator)

“This song has always been a favorite of mine. It speaks profoundly to little girls and you sing it beautifully! Can’t believe how time flies. I was a kid when the first one came out and now I’m in my thirties.” (Commentator)

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