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Tekashi69 speaking into the camera

Tekashi 6ix9ine Films 'Bad Mood' Claiming Nobody's Distributing New Album

By Rebecca Cukier

Tekashi 6ix9ine just filmed his "bad mood" – for the 24-year-old rapper, it's like he never dropped an album. 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, is now claiming that his September 4-released "TattleTales" album isn't being correctly distributed or promoted amid some of the world's biggest digital service providers – Spotify and Apple Music were two the "GOOBA" rapper named in a weekend Instagram video saying he's being unfairly treated.

"This is on every phone, and I thought I'm bugging," he said, trying to find his own album on New Releases. Check it out below.

'They Act Like We Didn't Drop Not A Single Thing'

Tekashi69 poses with cash bills on the street

Scroll for the video. It showed the rainbow rapper largely in selfie mode and using two phones to browse through New Music releases – none showed his post-prison album release.

Wearing a baseball cap and mega-chunky diamond watch, 6ix9ine spoke into the camera, saying: "Yeah, so what's up everybody. I woke up in a bad mood...Supposed to be in a good mood, but I'm in a bad mood."

"Album just dropped yesterday. I'm looking at all these DSPs, DSPs is Apple Music, Spotify. Yo, they completely shutting us out like we didn't drop not a single thing."

Thought He Was Bugging As Fans Call Release 'Garbage'

Tekashi69 poses outdoors with Blac Chyna in his music video

6ix9ine, who reportedly singed a $10 million record deal during his recent New York prison stint, may be getting mad press for the new EP's video featuring model Blac Chyna in nothing but candy sprinkles, but the mood was not upbeat as he continued, showing two phone screens.

"This is the main page," he said scrolling through Apple Music's available releases. "And shout out to these authors. This ain't got nothing to do with y'all, this is the platform...." It was the "same sh-t" on another phone as Tekashi claimed radio had already been "taken" away from him. "This Spotify?" he continued looking at another phone, asking: "We not on there?"

Scroll for more after the video.

Trashed By Own Followers

Tekashi69 poses by a private jet in sweats

Tekashi's Instagram comments now show what the fans think. A caption for the video read: "GIVE US A FAIR FIGHT IM ABOUT TO CRY IN THE CAR FOREAL."

6ix9ine received little sympathy as over 2,600 users liked a comment reading:

"Cuz you're album is garbage😂😂😂."

"The album was dog poo poo anyways😂😂change my mind," another wrote, with a third saying: "Dude your music aint that good chill." Fans aren't the only ones trashing the new beats. This weekend, rapper Blueface called 6ix9ine's new album "Terrible."

6ix9ine Trashes Nicki Minaj For Not Having Solo #1

Tekashi69 poses with Nicki Minaj in the 'TROLLZ' video

Yesterday's video comes amid headlines the former gang member and convicted felon made for trashing the woman he just collaborated with. "TROLLZ" rapper Nicki Minaj got heat from 6ix9ine as the rapper spoke to Billboard, with the magazine asking him for 37-year-old Nicki's influence on his success.

"I love that girl to death," he replied, adding: "When has Nicki ever had a no.1 'til this day?"

In June, pandemic-released "TROLLZ" made headlines both for topping the charts and for suffering the biggest chart fall ever as it collapsed.

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