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A photo showing Megan Thee Stallion, dressed in a body-hug mini multicolored dress with a bags Nd neck chain.

Megan Thee Stallion Had A Plan B If Music Hadn't Worked Out

Instagram | Hot Girl Meg
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Do fans ever wonder what would have happened if their favorite celebrities chose a different career? Mind blowing right? What would have become of the music world, had Beyoncé not become a musician?

Well, there are a few famous people who had a strong backup plan to make sure that they still achieve their lifetime goals. One of such people, is Megan Thee Stallion.

The rapper and singer was already engaged in her backup plan, when her music career gained momentum.

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What Was Megan’s Backup Plan?

Megan Thee Stallion looks amazing in this up-close selfie, showing her in a black outfit and on fleek makeup.
Instagram | Hot Girl Meg

The natural order for things, is to either make a career out of a skill-set you have learned, or go to school. There are some who do different things, but these are the most common options that young people have pick from.

In Megan’s case, if she had not become a musician, she would continued studying. At the time one of her songs went viral on social media, the “Hot Girl Summer” singer was already a student at Texas Southern University.

Megan Had To Make A Difficult Decision

An awesome photo showing Megan Thee Stallion in a yellow see-through alter neck outfit, styled with two beautiful gold chains around her neck.
Instagram | Hot Girl Meg

Trying to balance school and music fame is a difficult path to go through. According to the 25-year-old, in the beginning, she had to schedule her classes to take place twice in a week.

The remaining five days would be given to her music career and school work. However, she could only do this for so long, as it got harder to focus on both aspects of her life.

She then decided to take time off her studies, so she can focus on her music.

Megan Did Not Give Up On Studying

Megan Thee Stallion looks flawless in this zip-down purple long-sleeve jumpsuit.
Instagram | Hot Girl Meg

For some people, getting a degree at the expense of a skill is better and for others, it is vice versa.

However, Megan said; “Why can I have it all?”

The singer has always wanted to be part of the healthcare sector and had a lot of big plans to execute. However, she could not bring herself to spend years studying to become a medical student. Nursing as a profession, was definnitely out of the question. Finally, she decided to go with healthcare administration. In her words, she hopes to take over the health sector in the future.

Only One Professor Knew Abpit Megan’s Two Choices

An awesome photo showing Megan Thee Stallion rocking a black outfit with blue and blonde hai.r
Instagram | Hot Girl Meg

Megan’s school friends knew that she was taking her music seriously and juggling it with school. However, she told Billboard only one of her professors know about her career as a musician and the fact that she is still a student.

“Only one of my professors right now knows I’m like a whole rapper. She followed me in Instagram and when I came to class, she was like ‘Megan, so you got a little alter ego!’ I was like ‘Oh my God, don’t follow me.” Megan said.

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