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Moniece Slaughter poses poolside

Moniece Slaughter Spills On Sex With Shaquille O'Neal, Manhood Size

By Rebecca Cukier

Moniece Slaughter just got very, very explicit with regards to her relationship with NBA icon Shaquille O'Neal. The singer and "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star appeared in a very candid interview with The Domenick Nati Show ahead of the weekend – speaking to "The King of Contacts," the reality face covered everything from her beef with Hazel-E and motherhood to her high-profile relationship with 48-year-old basketball star Shaq.

Moniece spoke of her year-long relationship with the NBA player and now sports analyst, seemingly happy to discuss his manhood size and how he made her feel between the sheets. Check it out below.

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Spilling The Tea On His 'Good Size'

Moniece Slaughter poses

About a third of the way through the interview, Moniece was asked about her son, soon to be 11, then getting prompted about having "dated a lot of celebrities." Replying: "Mmmhmm," Moniece was then asked which her favorite one was. There was a long pause, but the star then confirmed Shaq to be the cream of the crop.

Seen on IG live and wearing her hair in a bun and eye glasses – video below – the baby mama to Fizz said:

"Shaq. He's gonna kill me for that, but yeah."

Domenick then asked when that was: "2011/2012," she replied, adding that sex with Shaq was "fun." And more.

First Time She's Opened Up 'In-Depth'

Moniece Slaughter poses with blonde hair

Domenick pushed Moniece to talk size. She kept it fairly clean saying a "good" size, adding: "I mean, he himself is huge." Shaq stands at over 7 feet tall. "Um, and I'm 5'2''," she continued: "So... He's 7'1''. So we had to get a little creative at times. That was a fun time in my life."

Also confirmed was that the relationship lasted a year, with Moniece admitting she'd "never actually talked about it." The first time, she confirmed, that she was talking about her dealings with Shaq "in-depth."

Court Talk Before SUPER NSFW Talk

Moniece Slaughter poses

Domenick, whose early clients included the NBA, then asked if the NBA player reputation made it difficult for Moniece to ever feel things were exclusive.

"Um, I mean we definitely... I was told that that's what it was," she replied, also saying that Shaq had told her: "I'm done with being a player." She found it sweet, then wondering if she was "tripping."

Shaq did, however, offer to pay to take Fizz to court, something that Moniece backed out of. Shaq was the one to break it off, though. She was asking "too many questions."

She Couldn't Get More Explicit

Moniece Slaughter poses with blonde hair looking shocked

Later parts of the video revisited O'Neal's manhood. "A good-sized appendage" was Moniece's take. She then said it wasn't "like one that was going to kill your intestines and rupture your spleen." The star didn't appreciate the suggestion of a 10-inch appendage. She stated she'd never seen one "shaped so properly" and that Shaq did some...eating.

A 2016 report states that Moniece said she dated Shaq in 2014 as she rejected rumors she'd gotten pregnant by him. Saying she met Shaq in 2012, this placed him as, at the time, not married to Shaunie O'Neal.

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