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Jessica Simpson wearing a dress in the street

Jessica Simpson Criticized, 100 Pounds Skinnier In Daisy Dukes

By Rebecca Cukier

Over 500 users have driven up a comment calling Jessica Simpson "reckless" for having gained the 100 pounds she's since dropped. The 40-year-old actress, singer, clothing designer, and "Open Book" author made headlines ahead of the weekend for appearing in a stunning knotted shirt and Daisy Dukes snap – Jessica was in promo mode for her clothing brand, itself hugely popular and reported to have turned $1 billion in sales in 2015.

Jessica famously dropped 100 pounds in just six months after welcoming third baby Birdie Mae in 2019. Check out the storm below.

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Before The Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson in a dress and heels in the street

Scroll for the Daisy Dukes snap, plus more photos. Jessica revealed her weight loss last year, admitting that she'd tipped the scales at 240 pounds. A more recent reveal saw Simpson admit that she was closer to 300 pounds as she detailed being "in the high two hundreds."

The photo showed Jessica posing from a pea-green RV and by surfboards while going full bombshell in a gingham and yellow-and-white knotted shirt, plus a dark pair of Daisy Dukes. The "Dukes of Hazzard" star was all sass, also rocking fun hoop earrings, plus a sexy nude lip.

Told Weight Gain Was 'Reckless', Surgery Accusations

Jessica Simpson walking in her home wearing black

The photo, since posted as part of a report on The Daily Mail, has been attracting comments. An alarming 600+ users liked a comment suggesting the mom of three's looks were all down to surgery – Jessica has admitted to weight-loss procedures in the past, but nothing recent.

"Gastric bypass, liposuction, skin tightening, lasers, etc. When you're a millionaire you can pay lots of money to get back in your 11 year old jeans."

Jessica celebrated turning 40 this summer by fitting into a 14-year-old pair of True Religion jeans. More replies after the hot shot.

Shamed Over Weight Gain

Jessica Simpson poses in sweats with a food tray

A troll lashing out at Jessica's pregnancy weight gain wrote: "Sorry but no one should gain 100lbs during pregnancy it is NOT healthy in any way. She is hella reckless."

Jessica, who walked up to 10,000 steps a day to shed the weight and followed a calorie-controlled diet that now sees her sick of eggs and cauliflower, saw over 500 likes for the comment, but there was backup: "And you're "hella" judgemental. Unless your name is Dr. Kristina, OBGYN no one cares what you have to say," a fan replied. More below.

Accusations She's Editing Her Photos

Jessica Simpson poses in a bikini and hat on the beach

The feedback was definitely mixed. While one fan wrote that Jessica looks "great" and another said: "She looks incredible," also calling the haters "jealous," accusations that the star digitally edits her photos did come in.

"Why does she edit her photos so much? She looks half that size in the mirror pics," one fan wrote.

Jessica is fresh from admitting she was amazed those 14-year-old jeans even slid on: "I've tried to pull those things over my hips so many times. I just thought my hips, from having babies, would never go back, but the jeans went up," she said this month.

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