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A photo showing Mike Vick a customized pigskin, while sporting a black Tee with two gold chains around his neck and an NFL cap.

Arthur Blank Reminisces On His Disappointment After Hearing of Michael Vick’s Crime

Instagram | Michael Vick
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hur Blank, he current owner of the Atlanta Falcons, expressed his disappointment in a recent interview, when her heard about Mike Vick's arrest.

The former NFL player was arrested on suspicions of engaging in a dog-fighting system. After pleading guilty to this horrendous crime, the athlete was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

At first, when the news was revealed, Blank dismissed it and instead, asked the player if there is any truth in what they media was saying.

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Arthur Blank Opens Up On Hi Disappointment

A lovely photo showing Mike Vick giving a speech at an event and he has on a well-fitted black suit, with inner T-shirt and blue striped tie.
Instagram | Michael Vick

Speaking about the sad event that took place years ago, in a recent interview, Blank mentioned that he was in disbelief when the news reached him.

However, he reached out to Vick, to make sure that he was not being blindsided. The football quarterback told him there was no cause for alarm as he had not committed any crime.

A while later, he confessed to the crime and that shocked Blank to his wits. He felt betrayed that his friend could lie to him, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Arthur Blank Banked On Mike Vick's Talent & Popularity

A throwback photo of Mike Vick and his teammates celebrating after a victory.
Instagram | Michael Vick

After 2001, when Mike Vick was enlisted as a draft for Atlanta Falcons, the team no longer remained the same. In plain words, one would likely refer to the player as the Kobe Bryant of that era.

He was not only packed with raw talent and skills, he took his team to victory many times.

The whole Atlanta was so proud of Vick, that they showed him love and support wherever he went. Seeing how talented and amazing his skills were, Blank decided to bank on his future.

Unfortunately, that investment was lost along the line.

Arthur Blank & Mike Vick Were Good Friends

An amazing photo showing members of the American football league playing against one another, to score a goal.
Instagram | Michael Vick

As time went on during his time with Atlanta Falcons, Vick became very close with his boss, Blank. There were a lot of rumors about the duo back in the day, but the duo did not pay attention to any of it.

The duo went from a boss and Falcon player, to best buddies, who went to several places together. This is one of the reasons why Blank felt very hurt when Arthur lied to him and took him for granted.

Did Arthur Blank and Mike Vick Remain Good Friends

Mike Vick looks incredible in this photo as he shows off his newly-collected award.
Instagram | Michael Vick

After Vick returned from his 18-months prison time, he did not return to Atlanta Falcon. At that time, Matt Ryan had already replaced him on the team and was doing a great job.

Vick however, spent the rest of his NFL career, playing for teams like the Eagles, Steelers and New York Jets.

Although his friendship with Blank hit a few stops, the duo soon picked up from where they left off.

In the entirety of his career, Vick had a total of 22,464 yard throws and 133 touchdowns.

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