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Kanye West in orange jacket

Kanye West Dropped Over $6 Million to Fund His Own Presidential Campaign

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By Gary Trock

Nobody is a bigger support of Kanye West than ... Kanye West, according to new documents filed by the rapper's presidential campaign. According to a report of receipts and disbursements filed with the FEC on Friday afternoon, it appears the bulk of money donated to help fund Kanye's push for president is coming from the "Stronger" rapper himself. The Blast obtained a copy of the FEC documents, which were filed late Friday afternoon by the Kanye 2020 team and is required of all candidates.

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Funding His Own Campaign

Kanye West FEC filing

According to the documents, it appears only $11,472.66 of contributions have been given to Kanye 2020 from donors and supporters. The majority of the committee's wealth appears to be stemming from a $6,760,000 loan that came personally from Kanye.

The gigantic sum was reached in 6 payments made by Ye which included huge sums of $2 million and $3.6 million paid at a time to the Kanye 2020 campaign.

Kanye also had to fill out his information for the big donations to the campaign, and lists his occupation as "entrepreneur."

Filing Receipts

Kanye West in Wyoming

Now that we know how much money Kanye brought into his own campaign, it's important to know where it went, and all that information is provided in the receipts as part of the mandated FEC filing. According to the documents filed by Kanye 2020, the majority of his cash is going to pay off huge bills for strategy consultants as he continues trailblazing a potential path toe th white house.

According to the documents, companies like Atlas Strategy Group and Millennial Strategies have been cashing hundreds of thousands of dollars for their services.

Spending Money

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian on a beach
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

The FEC documents also state that Kanye's campaign paid $1,000 to rent out the Exquis Event Center in Charleston, South Carolina where he held an extremely controversial campaign rally that ended with the rapper breaking down and becoming inconsolable.

It wasn't all bad in South Carolina though, because the documents show Kanye 2020 also stopped by the Chucktown Bar and Grill in Charleston, SC, and dropped nearly $4,000 on some of the restaurant's tasty treats, which includes delicacies like bacon-wrapped scallops.

Is There A Chance?

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian in Wyoming
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kanye West's campaign has been dealt its share of blows, which includes only making it on the ballot in 10 states -- pretty much guaranteeing that he won't be the next President of the United States.

Kanye 2020 also took a hit earlier this week when a judge blocked him from appearing on the ballot in Virginia, claiming his team "fraudulently" collected signatures. He was similarly blocked from appearing on the presidential ballot in Arizona.

However, the rapper continues to forge ahead and shows no signs of throwing in the towel, yet.

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