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Corinna Kopf

Video Game Streamer Corinna Kopf Teases Nerds With 'No Simp September' Pics

By Jeff Mazzeo

Professional video game streamer Corinna Kopf never lets her fans take a month off from showering her with praise!

The buxom blonde shared some stunning thirst traps on Frida. The pics were just to let her followers know that she always comes first. Corinna was sprawled out on her comfy bed while she posed in an extremely lowcut sweater and cute pink sweatpants. She gave a stern stare at the camera with her piercing eyes, signaling that she means business.

"no simp september doesn’t exist here," Kopf declared.

What Does 'Simp' Mean?

Corinna Kopf in a white top.

For those unfamiliar with what "simp" means, we will break it down like this: Simp is internet slang for someone who acts submissive in order to gain favor with someone else (typically a male tries to gain attention from a female). "To simp" would mean that one is putting someone on a pedestal and lowering oneself with selfless, sometimes embarrassing acts. Like declaring your love in the comments section of an Instagram post.

Needless to say, there were several pathetic fans that lowered themselves to impress the pro streamer.

"I will always simp for u," a desperate follower commented while another said, "simp september for corinna 😼."

Some fans took it a little too far. "reply rn or ima kill a penguin," a delusional fan wrote (we are pretty sure it's an empty threat).

So Coy

Corinna Kopf in a white top.

Corinna also used the outfit to feign being a damsel in distress. She laid down on the white comforter and wrote, "help i’ve fallen and can’t get up." She is really playing with her follower's emotions!

"I'll help you," and heroic fan commented.

"Please marry me corinna," a simp wrote. Another funny fan joked, "Call the police cause u didn’t give me ur address."

In true influencer fashion, Corinna always plays hard to get.

Looking Cute In A Suit

Corinna Kopf in a pink bikini.

Corinna flaunted her cute face and some major cleavage last week when she shared a swimsuit snap. She pulled the straps of her top down to avoid any extra pesky tan lines.

"needed some vitamin D," she wrote alongside the picture.

She's joking, right? The jokes are just too easy to make but some of her millions of fans made some anyway.

"I got plenty of that🤤," a pervy fan commented.

She's Super Legit


Yes, beautiful women do stream video games... it's 2020 get over it, but not many men or women go as hard as Kopf. Earlier this week, she attempted to stream for 12 hours straight. We are not sure if she completed her goal but she put in some serious work.

"Currently 8 hours into the stream and I haven't given up yet but I might give up soon," she teased on her Instagram story.

She streams exclusively on Facebook Gaming and was stoked to joining the team last year.

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