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Denise Richards

Denise Richards' Bloodshot Eyes During 'RHOBH' Reunion Raised Questions From Fans

By Clark Sparky

Part one of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion aired this week and while much of the talk centered around the explosive zoom throw downs between the women, some fans also were confused by Denise Richards' bloodshot eyes. The 49-year-old's eyes were visibly red during all of the show, and it was not from crying. Richards explained on Instagram that it was caused by an allergic reaction.


“Why were your eyes so blood [shot] at the reunion?!” a fan asked on Instagram.

“I am allergic to powder, I’ve tried so many. I hate it," Richards replied. “As soon as it’s used on my face, my eyes get bright red immediately. And my nose runs (so lovely). At first drops help, but as the day goes on, nothing does. If anyone knows of a make up powder that could help please please let me know."


She's currently in Spain filming Glow & Darkness and said the crew there had to use “cream shadows and blotting papers” instead of powder for touch-ups. "Any make up artist that has worked with me & still works with me knows this about me & we would love any input on this," Richards added.

Her eyes weren't the only thing fiery during the reunion. Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Erika Jayne all got into it over Denise liking a tweet that said Rinna should be fired by Bravo.


"Absolutely fire [Lisa Rinna]. She's not only a bully but she 'claims' she's not a racist," the tweet read. "Has [Erika Jayne] apologized to Sami and Lola yet??? Or to [Denise Richards]?!"

"Denise, you liked a comment that said that Lisa Rinna should lose her job," Erika said during the reunion.

Richards claimed she liked the tweet because she only saw the part about Jayne. "It was actually a comment to you, Erika, about the comment you made about my daughter," she said. "It was actually by accident, and that's the truth. I only saw the comment about Erika that I was commenting."


That explanation then set Rinna off. "You did it in a public forum. You liked a tweet like that that was so vile and so nasty, you knew exactly what you were doing," she yelled. "Don't you fuck around and lie to me about that."

Richards continued to insist she was telling the truth. "I'm not lying to you," Denise said. "Why would I take it down then?"

"Because you got called out. Because Bravo fucking called you and said take it down," Rinna replied.

There will surely be more drama to come when part two of the reunion airs Sept. 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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