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Kaley Cuoco poses outdoors and smiling

Kaley Cuoco Rocks Leggy Cartoon Nightie To Say 'Goodnight'

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is back in her nightie. The "Big Bang Theory" actress who near-lives in her beloved sleep shirts has appeared in a new video – yes, it was on Instagram, no it wasn't on her official account. Kaley, 34, has been making headlines for setting her chihuahua Dumptruck Dumpy up with a NYC account. The travels, complete with 31-year-old sister Briana Cuoco come as Kaley finally completes shooting her upcoming HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant."

Last night brought Kaley, her pooch, and a fun, leggy, and pink llama nightie. Check it out below.

Showing Off Her Unusual Nighties

Kaley Cuoco poses in a nightshirt indoors

Scroll for the video. The above photo dates back to Memorial Day weekend, when Kaley debuted her "awesome" unicorn nightie, retailing for $26 on Amazon.

Dumpy, followed by over 48,000 on @dumps_does_ny, updated last night with a cozy video as he was carried to bed in a soft, velour-like dog holder. Kaley herself was ready for bed and barefoot with those killer legs on show and just her fun, pink, and cartoon nightie for a wardrobe. Bear in mind, Kaley has deemed her Amazon nightgowns an "essential item" amid the pandemic.

'Being Carried To Bed Like The Prince I Am'

Kaley Cuoco poses with her dog in a nightshirt

Kaley, filmed in a hallway and briefly pausing to give the camera a view of her nightie, then padded down the hall, taking Dumpy to bed. The short-sleeved nightshirt had a fun llama across the front, with text reading:

"Go to Bed. No PROB Llama." Kaley herself was softly heard saying "Goodnight...Goodnight guys."

Dumps delivers the captions on this feed. The pooch who has had Kaley chopping mortadella sausage breakfasts and gotten fancy ice-cream hand-delivered, wrote: "Being carried to bed like the prince that I am"

Scroll for more after the video.

Dumpy – The History And The Cult Following

Kaley Cuoco poses outdoors with her dog

Dumpy exploded onto the scene back in March when Kaley and billionaire her husband Karl Cook had just moved into their new $12 million Hidden Hills estate. The 2018-married couple took Dumptruck in as a foster setup to start with, quickly falling in love, with Kaley dubbing the pooch a "foster fail" as he was adopted.

Dumpy's IG was set up last month as Kaley headed to NYC for two months. The bio introduces the popular chihuahua as a "tiny rescued senior whose life changed overnight!" He racked up over 46,000 followers in around a week.

Fans Love The Dog – And The Nightie

Kaley Cuoco preparing food for her dog

Kaley, herself followed by 6.1 million on Instagram, has been racking up the comments – ot rather, Dumpy has.

"Cracks me up😄," a fan replied to the latest video. "Adorable! Love your night shirt too! ☺️😘," another said.

If you aren't up-to-date on Kaley's nighties, she's pretty much rocked them all. Kaley showed off the "1800s" nightgown she "grocery shops" in earlier this year. She's also worn a strawberry one, she's worked out in one, and in 2020 announced that she "only rehearses" in nightgowns. Stay tuned for the next video.

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