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Mariah Carey with hair over one eye

Mariah Carey Confirms Secret Affair With Derek Jeter Says It Was 'A Great Moment'

Instagram @Mariah Carey
By Jacob Highley

Mariah Carey is something of an epiphany in the music industry. The (estimated to be) 50-year-old appeared on the music scene in 1988 after attending a gala event where she handed a demo tape containing some of her first tracks to Tommy Mottola (The head of Columbia Records).

Of course, Tommy missed his first chance to snatch her, but after a bidding war with another record label, Mariah did in fact sign on with Columbia Records and the rest is history.

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Already 'Obsessed' With This 'Roof'

Mariah Carey's memoir
Instagram @Mariah Carey

Carey, who is today well known as one of the most powerful and influential vocalists ever, hitting ranges that go beyond the 7th octave. A range that the Guinness World Records refers to as "Songbird Supreme".

Needless to say, Carey is both highly popular on social media for her simply outstanding musical career and love life which never ceases to provide a welcome helping of pop-culture.

Most recently the “Obsessed” singer announced that she would be releasing a memoir called “The Meaning Of Mariah Carey” which has revealed how one of her songs labeled “The Roof” was actually about a secret affair she had!

'Intellectually Stimulating'

Mariah Carey wearing bunny ears
Instagram @Mariah Carey

The “Emotions” singer (a song which perfectly demonstrates Carey’s out of this world vocal range by the way) expressed how she totally hooked up with former NBA player Derek Jeter… on the roof of his apartment building.

Carey shared how her affair with Jeter (and it was an affair as she was still married to Tommy Mottola at the time) wasn’t anything intellectual but it was very emotional and meaningful for her.

“I mean, it’s not like it was some intensely deep, intellectually stimulating”

'My All To Have'

Mariah Carey with lipstick on
Instagram @mariah Carey

“Again, it was a great moment, and it happened in a divine way because it helped me get past living there, in Sing Sing, under those rules and regulations.”

Carey’s 1997 song “My All” has now been confirmed to be her feelings about how she would do anything to be with Jeter again despite the risks of being discovered.

Just take a look at her lyrics.

“I’d give my all to have, just one more night with you. I’d risk my life to feel, your body next to mine”

Fans Are Loving It!

Giphy | T. Kyle

Fans loved her music too! The comments she received on the announcement of the memoir are nothing short of heartfelt and in full support of one of the music industry’s greatest of all time.

“The lyrics, the delivery.. vocals one of the best songs hands down .” (Commentator)

“You’re such a great poetic writer with beautiful poignant vocabulary 💗 fave” – (Commentator)

“Thank you for opening your heart and showing us your most private side during this quarantine. I can't wait to read your you 😍 “ - (Commentator)

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