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Skylyn Beaty selfie

Sommer Ray's Younger Sister Flaunts Assets In OnlyFans Debut

Skylyn Beaty / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Instagram model Sommer Ray isn't the only one in the family with aspirations of becoming a star because her younger sister has taken the leap and launched an OnlyFans account in the hopes of striking it rich off subscription-based content. 22-year-old Skylyn Ray Beaty took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon and announced to her over 300,000 followers that she is jumping on the bandwagon of firing up an OnlyFans account, where she can now charge a premium subscription price to provide fans with explicit content.

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No More Free Booty Shots

Skylyn Beaty selfie
Skylyn Beaty / Instagram

Much like her sister, Skylyn posts racy content, including her booty shots, on Instagram for followers to enjoy. However, Skylyn is breaking away from her sister by taking her talents to a new platform.

"guys... i made an onlyfans! All my booty content will only be on there from here on out," Skylyn told fans while showing off the last free shots of her curves that fans will see unless they sign up for her OnlyFans account.

Skylyn currently has her monthly subscription fee set at $15.


Skylyn Beaty nude among rock landscape
Skylyn Beaty / Instagram

Skylyn grew up in Colorado with her sisters, Sommer and Savana, and their mother, Shannon Ray. Much like the rest of the family Skylyn is a huge fan of the outdoors and regularly posts content of her enjoying hiking, camping and exploring. She's also got quite an obsession with creepy crawly things, including snakes, scorpions and just about everything else that you'd find hanging out underneath a rock in the forest.

"Got caught in an entanglement," Skylyn captioned one of her recent photos while holding up a writhing mass of snakes.

OnlyFans Controversy

Bella Thorne / Instagram

Skylyn Beaty joins OnlyFans on the heels of the subscription-based platform taking major heat after a highly-publicized snafu with actress Bella Thorne. Thorne had joined the site and made a huge splash by raking in more than $2 million in her first week, but also led fans on to think they'd be able to see uncensored photos of the star when she really didn't reveal that much.

In response, the site yanked other content creator's ability to charge excessive amounts of cash for premium content and also delayed paying out accounts based on the huge amount they had to cough up for Thorne.

Bella Thorne Apologizes

Bella Thorne in a white bikini
Bella Thorne / Instagram

In response, Bella Thorne took to social media and apologized for hurting the sex workers and models on OnlyFans who relied on the platform for income. Thorne believed she was going to help the other content creators on OnlyFans, writing, "I wanted to bring attention to the site, the more people on the site the more likely of a chance to normalize the stigmas, And in trying to do this I hurt you. I have risked my career a few times to remove the stigma behind sex work, porn, and the natural hatred people spew."

Thorne added that she planned on meeting with the brass at OnlyFans to get the payment situation sorted out for the other content creators.

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