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Savannah Chrisley in a turtleneck

Savannah Chrisley Welcomes 'Softer' Side, Admits She's 'Unemotional'

Savannah Chrisley / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Savannah Chrisley has been taking a step back and looking inward after a recent surgery left her sidelined and on the road to recovery, and the "Chrisley Knows Best" star seems to be taking the time to better herself in an emotionally healthy way. Savannah took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon after she had finished sending love to her Nanny Faye for the Chrisley matriarch's 76th birthday.

Savannah is extremely close with her family, and especially Nanny Faye, who is also a fan-favorite on the long-running reality show.

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Breaking New Ground

Savannah Chrisley in evening dress
Savannah Chrisley / Instagram

Savannah began her message to fans by sharing a quote from Muslim scholar and spiritual specialist, Yasmine Mogahed.

"When you are secure in your own femininity, you don’t feel the need to disprove the gender stereotypes by being unnaturally tough and unemotional out of fear of being called ‘sensitive' -Yasmine Mogahed."

The 23-year-old reality star was inspired by Mogahed's words, and felt that they really resonated throughout her own life: "I read this and was literally speechless! I’m that 'unnaturally tough and unemotional' woman."

Evolving Emotionally

Savannah Chrisley in jumpsuit
Savannah Chrisley / Instagram

As Savannah begins to work towards furthering her career and personal life, she admits that she's had enough of having to put on a tough exterior just to fit in amongst her peers.

"As a woman in today’s world I have felt that’s the only way to survive as a woman in business and in personal relationships with men. This is just how I’ve operated...right now I’m at a point in my life to where it’s quite exhausting being so tough and unemotional."

Be Proud

Savannah Chrisley with a medical folder
Savannah Chrisley / Instagram

Savannah ended her passionate message by making a promise to herself about recognizing the message and working on not trying to overcompensate her toughness to feel accepted by others.

"[A]s women we should be proud of our softer side, sweet heart, nurturing spirit...and so much more. My commitment to myself is to embrace these things instead of trying to block them. 💖 Always remember that it is possible to be a lady and a legend."

It's the second time in recent days Savannah Chrisley has dropped an inspiring message to fans and admitted she's working on changing things up.

Letting Loose

Savannah Chrisley taking a selfie
Savannah Chrisley / Instagram

Following her recent procedure as the reality star continues treatment for issues with Endometriosis, Savannah got real with her followers about her ongoing quest for perfection.

"I have to admit...I’m a bit uptight and want things to be PERFECT all the time. And in all honesty...I just wanna work on being 23, loving life and letting it just happen instead of trying to control how it happens, and just have fun."

Fans have appreciated the Chrisley star's openness and her recent social media posts have racked up thousands of likes.

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