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An incredible photo showing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in a couple's pose for the camera.

Kanye West Reminisces On Kim Kardashian's Close-Call With Abortion Decision In Explosive Interview

By Favour

Kanye West has become an open book more often than before and all this began after he declared his intentions to run for presidency. The rapper has been at the center of online controversies recently, but all he is focusing on now, is his family and politics.

In Nick Cannon's podcast interview, Kanye talked about the fact that his child, North West was going to be aborted, however, it a beautful decision at the end of the day, to keep the baby.

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Kanye West's Unforgettable Presidential Rally

An incredible photo showing Kim Kardashian holding one of her kids in her arms, while coming down from a private plane.

Going on live to air his thoughts, has never been an issue for the rapper, as he is very open about his opinions online or offline. His presidential rally that took place in South Carolina is a perfect example of the Kanye that always speaks his mind, regardless or who is listening to him.

The rapper opened up during the rally that he regrets telling his wife, Kim, to get an abortion. He also shocked everyone when he broke down in tears, admitting that he was wrong to do so.

Fans Made Fun Of The Singer

A photo showing Kanye West casual outfits comprising of a white round-neck shirt and sweater.

Kanye's political rally was a perfect time for fans to know all about his campaign and what he aims at putting into place if he becomes President. Rather, that rally was marked as a joke-filled one that online fans and critics made fans about.

Speaking with Cannon, Kanye said that the only reason why he is happy about telling his story during the podcast, was because a lot of people who heard him speak, chose to keep their kids at all cost.

Kanye West Is An Anti-Abortion Advocate

Kim Kardashian looks insanely gorgeous in this white body-hug dress and nude pumps.

Kanye has been a proud anti-abortion advocate since his political rally. Some of his tweets were met with serious criticism, especially from other celebrities.

They insisted that since the rapper had no clue as to how the body of a female works, he also had no right to educate them on how to use their bodies.

Finally, several celebrities slammed the rapper openly on social media, for trying to make a joke out of the serious issues happening in America

Kim Kardashian Is Supportive Of Kanye

A beautiful photo of KIm Kardashian sporting a black low-cut shiny dressed at en event.
Will / MEGA

Over the years, Kim and Kanye have shown a kind of special bond that many couples do not have these days. The duo always find a way to support each other in good and bad circumstances.

After Kanye's meltdown on Twitter, about his wife and family trying to lock him up in the house forever, fans did not know what to expect from the couple anymore. However, Kim has remained by his side, supporting him the best way she can, while going about her daily routine as a mom and entrepreneur.

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