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Demi Rose

Demi Rose Is In Two Very Cheeky Moods; Both Don't Involve Pants

By Jeff Mazzeo

Demi Rose isn't just about vibes, she's also about moods!

The beautiful influencer shared some cool pics on Wednesday but seemed to forget her pants. Demi posed in a chic hoodie by Boo Hoo. The tie-dye pink sweatshirt is actually part of the Boo Hoo Man's collection but we have a feeling that most men would rather add her to their collection (sorry for the bad joke).

"My two moods 😉💕 @boohoomanofficial," she wrote alongside her modeling shots.

Perhaps a better caption would be, "My two moons."

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In The Mood 1

Demi Rose in a pink hoodie.

Let's be honest, there's only one mood... super cute but let's try to differentiate between her "two moods."

Mood 1 seems to show off her shy/sly side. She gave the camera a little smirk as she fought to keep the sweatshirt from exposing her backside. She looked back at it with a very coy attitude as she sat on her knees.

Demi had to work hard to make sure the pics weren't too cheeky for Instagram's code of conduct. She knows how to play the game!

In The Mood 2

Demi Rose lying down in a pink hoodie.

Mood 2 seems more relaxed and she seems much more confident. Rose lounged with one arm resting over her head and shut her eyes... even though she knew all eyes would be on her.

Her millions of fans appreciated the pics and sounded off in the comments section of her post.

"I am amazed at your beauty," a flabbergasted follower wrote while another said, "Keep up the amazing photos Demi. 😘"

Believe it or not, she is very effective at selling the products she's paid to model... whatever Boo Hoo is paying her, they should double it!

"The hoodie is fiya 🔥💜💕💜💕🔥," an impressed fan commented.

Feeling Feathery

Demi Rose in a white bikini top.

Earlier this week, Demi flaunted her fabulous... feathers that she had braided into her long dark hair. The model is very spiritual and is all about positive vibes. She often uses crystals to change the energy of a place or person but she has now added feathers to the list.

Traditionally, feathers represent "ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane" and some Native Americans Cheifs wore them to show how close they were to the Spirit. Feathers in her hair is a good way to take ancient beliefs and put them into modern practice.

Caption Contest

Everyone knows that the secret to being a super successful influencer is the captions... okay, the smoking hot pics don't hurt either. Demi seems to put a lot of thought into her clever comments and tries to express herself in as few characters as possible.

"She’s only getting better not bitter 😊💛," she captioned the above pic.

We also enjoy it when she makes a vague reference to video games (we're nerds like that). "Pick your character 💘🦋✨," she wrote next to some interesting costume photos.

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