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Lili Reinhart poses by bushes

Lili Reinhart Curses Like A Sailor In Wet Latex

By Rebecca Cukier

Lili Reinhart straight-up warned the digital space today – expect a "record-breaking" level of the word "sh-t" in her latest feature with Nylon magazine. The 23-year-old actress, this summer fronting media outlets for opening up on her battle with depression, bisexuality talk, and split from actor Cole Sprouse, updated her Instagram on Wednesday to give fans the magazine heads-up.

Lili, followed by 24.8 million, posted snapshots from her shoot, with a humorous caption seeming to ring true – the "Riverdale" star was, indeed, cursing like a sailor. Check it out below.

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'My Grandparents Would Be So Proud'

Lili Reinhart poses for a selfie by bushes

Scroll for the photos, plus a video shared to Nylon's Instagram. Lili's post opened with her glamorously posing in a ruffled pink and white shirt with a sleeveless finish, plus an elbow-high pair of baby pink gloves in wet latex fabrics upping the ante. A quick sipe to the right continued the wet feel – here, Lili had a high-collared look on, with wet hair scraped back, dark eyeshadow, and a glossy lip.

Further images showed Lili in skintight and glossy black pants and stilettos, with a caption likely proving the winner for fans.

Clearly, It's Her Favorite Word

Lili Reinhart poses for a selfie in a floral look

A caption from Lili read:

"For my @nylonmag cover interview, I use the word “sh-t” a record breaking amount of times. My grandparents would be so proud. (Link in my story)"

A quick look at Nylon's Instagram, offering a snippet from the interview, suggests the caption to have been fairly accurate. It started off tame, though:

"At the beginning of this pandemic, I felt very lost. I felt very sad and hopeless, because of personal things that were happening in my life. Instead of distracting myself… I chose the harder route.."

Doesn't Hold Back In Freeing Interview

Lili Reinhart poses in a swimsuit by a window

Lili, who made headlines in late August for revealing a "withdrawal from love" struggle amid her depression, continued:

"I was like, ‘I'm not doing that. I'm going to go through the next however many months of shi-t, pure shi-t, awful, crying every day, but the necessary work.’”

The full interview is available here. The post, meanwhile, racked the "Hustlers" actress up 1.6+ million likes in two hours. Lili split from Sprouse in March, with the actor confirming an initial "separation" back in January.

Dropping 'Swimming Lessons'

Lili Reinhart poses in a swimsuit outdoors

Lili is branching out from her acting career into an authorship one. September 29 will bring the blonde's "Swimming Lessons" poetry book, something she said she felt she needed to write because she was, and is, "scared" that "people are going to try and create their own ideaof what my love life looked or looks like."

Lili has likely also been earning some cash on her Instagram. Five days ago, she appeared in a stunning outdoor shot showing off Cover Girl makeup, with an influencing shout-out to the cosmetics brand made in the caption.

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