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Aubrey O'Day on red carpet

Aubrey O'Day Takes 'Degrading' Bikini Pic To Attorney After Paparazzi Photos Emerge

By Jacob Highley

Aubrey O’Day is probably best known today for her modeling career with agencies like Playboy and Blender. The 36-year-old blonde bombshell is also known for her time with girl group Danity Kane preceding being fired, reuniting, and eventually completely disbanding in 2013 following the release of their final album “DK3”.

She did continue her music career by creating the music group Dumblonde in 2015 consisting of herself and former Danity Kane band member (and fellow blonde) Shannon Bex.

Though that isn't what made headlines recently.

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Not So Toned?

Aubrey O'Day with short hair

Aubrey made headlines due to a legal issue that arose over one of the most bizarre paparazzi debacles in weeks. An Instagram profile tagged Aubrey showing a picture of what appears to be a rather large woman, who clearly has a different physique than is usually seen on Aubrey's social media profiles.

In fact, O'Day just posted an ad for Flat Tummy App only a week before this picture came out! The aftermath resulted in a completely unexpected response both from the public and the music artist herself.

'It's So Sick'

Aubrey O'Day at Victoria's Secret Event

Aubrey posted on Twitter showing a written statement that was requested from her attorney to officially clear up this public defamation made on social media. Due to the nature of the post which would accuse Aubrey of editing her posts to make her look thinner than she really is, she was forced to reply clearly showing how she looks unedited.

The caption she wrote expressed how upset she was over how people could think her to be fraudulent after so many years.

Expressing Frustration

Aubrey O'Day with red hair

Aubrey’s statement was succinct but perfectly details the situation and her frustration over having to post such an update online.

“it’s so sick what ppl will do for click bait! and that my lawyer needed this photo to defend me against it.. when is this industry going to stop abusing women’s bodies! Sorry my place is a mess, currently remodeling my glam room- I’m sure it’ll be written that I’m a hoarder next!”

Following a comment from a sympathetic reader, Aubrey shared how the latest events absolutely ruined her day.

'Makes Me Sick'

Aubrey O'Day wearing leather jacket
Wikimedia |

"makes me sick. I was jamming to Brandy & Monica Verzuz. Started my glam room and BOOM my whole night is ruined!" She continued, "then my attny has me taking photos with date and time to prove them false. Like, I’m tired of this stupid shallow abusive [sic] industry."

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