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A photo showing Erick Morillo standing in a train, wearing a grey jacket, with black inner shirt.

Colombian-American DJ Erick Morillo Found Dead In His Home

Instagram | Erick Morillo
By Favour

Sad news for the entertainment industry today and ever fan out there, as reports have confirmed that [Erick Morillo]( was found dead in his home today. The iconic DJ and record producer was discovered in the early hours of September 1, 2020.

At this point, the authorities have not uncovered the cause of death, but fans, in their bitter state, are expecting a feedback as soon as possible.

Morillo was an American-Colombian DJ among other professions and the news of his departure is very devastating.

Investigations Into Erick Morillo's Death Is Ongoing

Erick Morillo looks amazing in casual clothes as he poses for the camera close to a bridge an with a lovely smile on his face.
Instagram | Erick Morillo

A Miami, Florida Police officer known as Ernesto Rodriguez, gave a statement concerning how he was able to locate the whereabouts of the DJ. He mentioned that he received a 911 call from an unnamed person at about 10:42 am. The call demanded the presence of the police at the 49-years-old home in 5560 La Gorce Drive.

However, when the authorities got to the scene, the DJ was pronounced dead immediately. The officer also explained that the investigations into the unexpected death, will be carried out thoroughly.

Erick Morillo Was Involved In An Ongoing Lawsuit

Erick Morillo looks amazing in this black hoodie as he poses for a selfie early in the morning, close to a lake.
Instagram | Erick Morillo

On August 6, Morillo was arrested and slammed with a lawsuit for sexually battering a co-worker. According to his accuser, who is also a DJ, they were handling a gig together for a private party in Miami Beach.

However, they later decided to leave for Morillo's house, with another lady. The accuser revealed that the DJ had previously tried to make advances at her, which she refused instantly. However, things got out of hand between the duo, earning him a sexual battery lawsuit.

His hearing in court was slated for September 4, 2020.

The World Is Missing Another Famous Talent

A photo showing Erick Morillo posing in front of a Records store, with a long grey jacket, black inner shirt and blue denim pant
Instagram | Erick Morillo

Morillo is an awesome DJ, a record label owner and music producer. Aside from his DJ profession, he has released several incredible songs, many of which he partnered with other iconic artistes.

As an upcoming entertainer, Morillo would DJ in local clubs around Hudson Street, situated in Hoboken. While he was working in one of these clubs, he met a reggae singer named El General. The duo became fast friends and soon, they collaborated on a song titled "Muevelo," which was released in 1991.

Early Life Of Erick Morillo?

A photo of Erick Morillo with the cutest smile during an interview with a radio station.
Instagram | Erick Morillo

Morillo has been an incredible addition to the industry, until his death. Although it is quite painful for his fans to hear the shocking news of his death.

He was born in New York, United States of America on March 26, 1971. When he was still very young, Morillo lived with his family in Carttagena, Colombia.

At age 11, Morillo decided to leave for the United States with his mother and sister. At this age, he used to DJ at weddings all the time and eventually became a professional at it

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