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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle photographed candidly

Meghan Markle 'Was NEVER Satisfied' Being Second To Kate Middleton, Royal Author Claims

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By Chris Barilla

As a slew of new information surfaces through a variety of Royal insider books giving unprecedented​ tidbits about Meghan Markle's tenure with the British Royal family, some very interesting details are emerging. One such, per author Tom Quinn, as recounted by 'Best Life', was that Markle and Kate Middleton were almost always at odds during Markle's time with the family, and that she "was never satisfied" being the metaphorical second to Kate despite receiving so much media attention upon joining.

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Quinn alleges that Markle's feelings about being treated as second best came right from the beginning of her time being on Royal grounds when she was asked to move in to Harry's home at Nottingham Cottage. The soon-to-be-Duchess allegedly remarked at the time that the two-bedroom home was too small compared to William and Kate's 20-room apartment, which she considered a direct snub at her and effectively resigning her to "second place" behind Middleton in terms of how she was treated.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle photographed candidly
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Per Quinn, an insider at the palace explained that Markle's initial apprehensions about Nottingham Cottage led to the Queen deciding that the couple could live at Frogmore Cottage which was seemingly roomier, but required over 3 million pounds worth of renovations at the expense of taxpayers for the Duke and Duchess to inhabit it.

The couple stated as part of their Royal exit agreement that they would be working to repay the repair costs to the British people over some time.

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"Her Majesty was willing to give the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a home that would make them happy. They chose to move out of Kensington Palace, where they would have been given a large apartment, to live in Windsor. Nottingham Cottage was never meant to be their permanent residence," the source explained of how the decison was reached to allow the new couple to live in a home that better suited their requirements and didn't leave Markle as upset.

To largely sum the issue up, the author explained that "Meghan Markle was very much a creation of the American meritocracy," which led to her downfall.

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"By virtue of her ambition and self-belief, she enjoyed success in Hollywood and had established herself as an emerging figure as an activist. All of that was the polar opposite of her life as a royal where people behave towards you according to where you are in the line of succession. She was never going to be satisfied as long as she felt she was second place to Catherine," he continued to explain.

"Catherine was, in fact, quite welcoming to Meghan at the beginning, It just was never enough."

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