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Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi: 'Tori Spelling Doesn't Show Her Authentic Self'

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By MLC on December 13, 2021 at 11:35 AM EST

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is getting candid about her friendship with Tori Spelling.

The “Jersey Shore” star and ‘90210’ actress formed a fast friendship and tight bond while filming MTV’s “Messyness” earlier this year.

Polizzi has been outspoken about her admiration for Spelling on her podcast, ‘It’s Happening.’

Now, she’s speaking exclusively to Page Six about her friend, and why she feels Spelling is not being her ‘authentic self.’

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Snooki & Tori are 'Messy Besties'

“I feel like Tori sometimes doesn’t show her authentic self because she tries to be, like, this actress and trying to get jobs and stuff like that,” the reality star said. “I feel like with me, she could be her messy self.”

Polizzi also noted that Spelling doesn’t have to put on an act when they’re together.

“She could be her 100 percent self and I love that with her. She always says, like, ‘I’m so happy that we’re friends because I don’t have to hide anything from you,'” she stated.

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Tori can be her 'authentic self' & doesn't have to 'hide anything'

Spelling’s personal life and marriage have been a MASSIVE topic of tabloid conversation over the past year.

Her marriage to Dean McDermott has reportedly been on the rocks for some time, and it seems like every time she does an interview, the interviewer is trying to sneak questions in about her marriage.

McDermott cheated on Spelling nearly eight years ago.

People reported Spelling still has major “trust issues” and that the couple has “grown apart.”

"They have issues that are hard to remedy. And they don't have the same relationship they once did," the source says of Spelling and McDermott.

McDermott was noticeably absent from this year’s Christmas card

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Tori & Dean have 'grown apart'

Tori Spelling’s Husband Gets Into BRAWL During Local Men’s Hockey Match

The Blast previously reported on Spelling shutting down Jeff Lewis on his SiriusXM show, “Jeff Lewis Live.”

On Thursday, December 2, the actress stopped by SiriusXM to chat with Lewis and right off the bat he asked, “So holiday shopping, what are we getting Dean, anything?”

The “True Tori” star took a moment to answer, but came back with, “Yes, of course the kids are getting him something.”

There was a lot of emphasis put on the ‘of course’ portion of the sentence.

Lewis shot back, “Are you going to contribute or be like ‘f**k use your own money.’”

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Spelling stated that she would be contributing to help her five children get a gift for their dad.

Not one to hold back, Lewis continued to press Spelling about the gift.

“Do you know what you’re going to get,” he quipped.

Having done this ‘interview thing’ for years, Spelling shot back, “What are you getting Gage?”

Gage Edward is Lewis’ ex-husband and the former couple share a five-year-old together, Monroe Christine Lewis.

A bit caught off-guard, the host replied, “Uh, no, no. Nothing.”

“You have to. Monroe has to get him something, because that’s how it works,” Spelling quipped. “The kids have to get their parents something. Hi, welcome to life.”

Not standing down, Lewis shot back at Spelling, “Why doesn’t he just buy something with all the child support I give him?”

Spelling broke down how gift giving from a small child goes.

“No, you don’t tell him. Monroe is going to want to buy him something, and you’re going to have to buy it and pick it out and wrap it and write a little card from her and that’s how it goes,” she said.

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