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This season on  ’90 Day Fiancé,' Larissa wants plastic surgery on so many areas of her body.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Viewers Agree That Larissa Is Addicted To Plastic Surgery

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

This season on ’90 Day Fiancé’ Happily Ever After?, Larissa is doing everything she can to look like an Instagram model. She got back with her ex-boyfriend Eric and asked him to pay for plastic surgery for her breasts and nose. The total for these operations would come close to $30,000. Eric agreed to this but explained that the two would have agree to a contract that includes a loan with interest tacked on as well. Larissa ended up agreeing to these conditions.

Larissa also told Eric that she wants plastic surgery in places such as her thighs and stomach.

Last night on a new episode, Larissa and Eric were at the doctor's office again and she revealed to him that she wants plastic surgery in more places. These won't just take place in her breasts and nose.

“So after these surgeries, is that all that you’re gonna want, or are you gonna want to do anything else to yourself?" asked Eric to Larissa.

“Yes I gotta do liposuction, cause I can’t lose the fat here. And I’m gonna do liposuction in my thighs, and my belly, and put it in my boobs.” Lima replied, pointing to various parts of her body.

Eric had expressed previous concern about Larissa wanting plastic surgery to show off for her ex-boyfriend, Colt.

“So your breasts, so you feel like your best. And your nose. And lipo. … So it never ends, head to toe," replied Eric.

Larissa ended up using a mannequin in the office as an example of what she wants to look like. She added that once she looks like that, she will stop all of the surgeries. Eric had previously expressed concern as well about her possibility doing all of this to show off to her ex-boyfriend, Colt, who she divorced from.

Larissa has said that she won't stop getting plastic surgery until she looks like a mannequin.

“Larissa has told me, hey, this is the last time I’m doing this or the last time I’m doing that," said Eric during the show. "And she’s always just continued to surprise me with hey, this is what I want next. And I don’t know if it’s ever gonna stop or not. If it makes her feel happy or confident about herself, that’s cool,”

Larissa added that she would feel much better about herself following these surgeries. Eric wasn't against it right away but did say that he liked her nose exactly how it was.


Viewers on social media have since claimed that Larissa is facing an addiction with these surgeries. She did admit this to US Weekly this month as well.

“As well as having my lips done, I have had injections to define my jawline, a non-surgical nose job and fillers injected into my butt to plump it up from Heather Rohrer of Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Human Performance. I admit it — I am addicted to cosmetic procedures.”

Many believe that Larissa needs to focus on herself and not get so many surgeries.

"Larissa doesn't need plastic surgery, she needs therapy.," said @virgoginny on Twitter. "Sounds a lot like she has body dismorphia and needs to get that taken care of. Bc she's gonna get these surgeries, destroy her body, and then want more." #90DayFianceHappilyEver

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