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Kate Beckinsale poses for a selfie

Kate Beckinsale Defends Whale Bathtub Photo On Instagram

By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale totally naked and having a "whale of a time" in her bath seemed to cause problems today as the actress updated her Instagram while having a soak. Kate, 47, shared a new snap on Monday as she unwound in her tub and accompanied by a small floating whale toy – with a simple caption and the "Underworld" actress showing off her natural beauty, backlash wouldn't necessarily have been expected.

Kate now sees a trolling response racking up likes. She's also waded into the storm to defend herself. Check it out below.

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Literally 'Having A Whale Of A Time'

Kate Beckinsale poses wearing reindeer ears

Scroll for the photo. Kate, followed by 4.4 million on Instagram and no stranger to trolls as she dates 23-year-old musician Goody Grace, had been snapped in blue bath waters and wearing nothing but a towel headband. The British beauty, posing with folded arms and glistening-wet skin looked wistfully sideways, with her cute little bobbing whale next to her.

"Having a whale of a time," Kate wrote, also snagging herself over 127,000 likes in five hours. Clearly, someone had to come along and ruin it all.

Asked If A 'Poor Assistant' Takes All Her Photos

Kate Beckinsale poses in a bathtub with a floating whale toy

A comment garnering over 120 likes trolled Kate. The user wrote:

"Do you set up a camera to take a sh-t too or do you have some poor assistant that has to follow you around all day to take pictures?"

Kate has clapped back, and with full force. The "Pearl Harbor" actress responded, writing:

"Neither. I also don't wake up and go on anyone's page I feel contempt for because that would be a waste of life."

For Kate's followers, the clap-back was a win – "God, I love your wit," one fan replied. Scroll for the explicit text exchange Kate shared over the weekend.

Unusual Instagram Shares Explicit Texts With 73-Year-Old Mother

Kate Beckinsale shares a text

Kate made headlines over the weekend for sharing a rather NSFW text exchange with 73-year-old mother Judy Loe. The "sausage" and "seamen" exchange flew the flag for Beckinsale's love of adult references – Kate has straight-up told Kelly Ripa that her set's faucets are "phallic," also revealing her vagina name on Instagram in 2019. It's Harold Wilson.

If you don't live inside Kate's Instagram, the actress' fans are always up for joining in the fun. A user today told Kate that her bathtub needed a new paint job – we wouldn't "want a leak," they wrote.

Endless Clap-Backs Over 23-Year-Old Boyfriend

Goody Grace poses for a selfie

Kate's 2020 headline-making ramped up in April as she embarked on a relationship with a man half her age. 23-year-old Goody Grace is also a touch older than Kate's 21-year-old daughter Lily Mo Sheen. The two, already having exchanged "I love yous" on Instagram, do, however, remain a source of trolling on Kate's account – back in July, a fan asked Kate why she keeps dating men young enough to be her "children."

"Every relationship I have had has been solely to annoy you," Kate clapped back.

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