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Salma Hayek at the Golden Globes

Salma Hayek Is a Golden Goddess, Smashes Plates During Wild Dinner

By Gary Trock

Salma Hayek is diving deep into the traditions of Greece during her vacation to Europe and ended her night dancing and obliterating flatware as only the Greeks can do. The "From Dusk 'Til Dawn" star has been chronicling her summer road trip through the Greek islands, which has seen her visiting and experiencing the rich culture. Traveling to Greece has been a favorite for the actress, who chose this time to visit with her husband of 11 years, François-Henri Pinault.

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Patiently Waiting

Salma Hayek in a black dress
Salma Hayek / Instagram

The "Frida" actress shared some photos and videos from her recent experience, which started off quiet but ended with a crash!

"I started the night looking #fresh, patiently waiting for my dinner. Six hours later I was breaking plates like it’s customary in #Greece. 🇬🇷" Hayek captioned her post on Instagram.

In the first pic, Hayek is seen waiting patiently at her dinner table and gave off vibes of a Greek Goddess with a gold-plated olive branch pinned to her hair.


Salma Hayek / Instagram

The night quickly got louder as Salma Hayek was seen participating in a scene straight out of "Mamma Mia!" while dancing around to traditional Greek plate breaking music before joining the fun and hurling the dishes to the ground.

Over hundreds of years, breaking plates has become synonymous with the Greek traditions of celebration. Some believe that smashing plates wards off evil spirits, while others believe that breaking dishes, especially during a wedding, symbolizes good luck and long-lasting marriage.

Whatever it actually means ... it sure looks like fun!

'Love In The Time of Corona'

Salma Hayek drinking coffee in a bikini
Salma Hayek / Instagram

While traveling through Greece with her husband, Hayek has totally immersed herself in the Greek culture. From attending musical street festivals to enjoying some of the local coffee while basking in her bikini, the actress has been sharing all her special moments.

While posting a special photo with her husband, Hayek commented, "Love in the time of corona El amor en los tiempos de corona," referencing the global COVID-19 pandemic.

One fan sent a plea to the actress about her beautiful relationship about keeping the love alive:

"Don’t drift apart. Don’t let him go. Stay strong and happy together forever. The world needs to know that it’s possible."

Loving The Culture

Salma Hayek at the beach
Salma Hayek / Instagram

Salma Hayek may be rich and famous, but the 53-year-old star isn't above getting down with the locals. On a recent bus ride through Greece, Hayek was seen dancing to Cuban salsa singer Celia Cruz and rocking out in her seat. While wearing a beautiful outfit with bright colors of purple and orange, Hayek waved her hands back and forth and was dancing like nobody was watching.

"Road trip in #Greece 🇬🇷 listening to the #queen @CeliaCruz 🌺 🎶 Long live #salsa! Have a dancing #Sunday!" Hayek captioned her fun video.

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