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Lisa Rinna poses for a photo

Lisa Rinna Shows Being 'An A-Hole' With 'Big Lips' On Instagram

By Rebecca Cukier

Lisa Rinna has dropped another of her legendary Instagram updates. "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" star, never one to shy away from drama, updated her account this weekend with a little gift she'd received – seemingly, the statement and custom-made cross-stitch piece was one the 57-year-old was proud to showcase.

Lisa, who this month made headlines for claiming not to "know" her completely sheer dress was see-through in a pregnancy throwback, was more than happy to take credit here. Check it out below.

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'Just An A-Hole With Iconic Hair And Big Lips'

Lisa Rinna poses in a kitchen in a tee and underpants

Scroll for the photo. Lisa, known for both her choppy hair and her plump pout, posted showing a home wall hanging. The framed piece showed a floral stitched border sandwiching the words: "I'M JUST AN -SSHOLE WITH ICONIC HAIR AND BIG LIPS."

Lisa, followed by 2.5 million on her Instagram, then took to her caption with plenty of emoji and some caps.

"YES I AM. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ Thank you @mink.stitch I love it. πŸ’‹."

A like quickly came in from long-time friend, 49-year-old "Live!" host Kelly Ripa. And there were reactions.

Instagram Is Loving It

Lisa Rinna poses in a robe indoors

Lisa, who was this month slammed for posing fully nude with her nipples on show, garnered little negativity with this post.

"Do you have one that says β€œOwn It!” yet?! Because that should be next πŸ’― 😍," one fan wrote, with another saying: "You got that right πŸ˜‚."

One user had thoughts on the hair part, though, writing: "According to you , you have iconic hair- i don’t think many would agree."

The post comes at a tricky time, though, with fans demanding Lisa be fired from the Bravo show after the season finale, last Wednesday.

Calls For Her To Be Fired After 'Mean Girl' Finale

Lisa Rinna poses applying lipstick

Fans haven't taken too well to Lisa's finale moments with co-star Denise Richards, dubbing it, as The Blast reported, a "witch hunt." Lisa, on the series since 2014 and also making headlines this month for revisiting 19-year-old daughter Amelia's anorexia history, now has fans wanting her fired.

"Mean Girl, Bully, Fake...just a few names to call you...@bravo needs to fire you! You destroy peoples' lives every season! I hope KARMA comes on strong to you, then we will be sitting back eating popcorn!" a hater wrote.

Daughter's Anorexia Dragged Up By Garcelle Beauvais

Amelia Hamlin in a bikini outdoors

Lisa has also been in the news for seeing Amelia's eating disorder history dragged up again. The teen went public with her anorexia battle in a 2018 Glamour interview, with fans this season seeing Garcelle Beauvais suggest that Lisa dancing around in her undies had a link to Amelia's body-image.

Amelia then swooped in to shut down the suggestion, asking why the videos would make her feel "bad," also asking whom Lisa was trying to "body shame?? Am I fat? Why would that make me sad????" she wrote.

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