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Kate Beckinsale smiles for a photo at the gym

Kate Beckinsale Shares Explicit Text Exchange – With Her Mother

By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale has shared some rather adult-centric content on Instagram, and it involved the "Underworld" actress' 73-year-old mother Judy Loe. Kate, who recently turned 46 and is known for the NSFW references on her Instagram, updated her account over the weekend with a screenshot of a mom and daughter text exchange.

"Sometimes I like to go back to texts with my mother and read them in Penelope Keith and Joyce Grenfell voices," the actress captioned her photo. Check it out below.

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73-Year-Old Mom Texting With Kate

Kate Beckinsale enjoying tea with her parents

Scroll for the photo. It opened with Kate's mom writing:

"Would that make me want a sausage?," continuing: " someone's leaked seamen?!" A seeming typo was then corrected as Loe added: "Semen," with Kate then replying:

"Yes Jude. Thanks for correctly spelling semen in the end," to which Kate's mother replied: "You're welcome."

Kate then said she'd had a "mini crisis until you corrected it," with her mother LOL'ing back at her and closing that "clarity is all."

The fun on Kate's Instagram, followed by 4.4 million, is nearly always in the comments section, though.

Comments Section Joins In The Fun

Kate Beckinsale shares a text

Kate's post has brought in plenty of replies – "I think we need to see the messages before the the sausage and semen! 😂," one fan wrote, with another saying: "Almost a semergency!"

Kate herself then swooped into the comments section, although her reply to a fan asking why Kate calls her mother Jude and not "mum" was more serious. Kate received over 1,000 likes for responding:

"When my stepdad came into my life it felt mean to call her mum and not call him dad. My dad had died so I didn’t want to call someone else dad. So I called him Roy and I called her Jude. I was 9 and wanted to be fair x."

Scroll for Kate revealing her vagina name on IG.

Told Kelly Ripa Her Faucets Are 'Phallic'

Kate Beckinsale poses with reindeer ears on

Kate's Instagram is, indeed, unique. The feed that's seen Kate tell "Live!" host Kelly Ripa that her set's faucets are "phallic" has also brought the word from a mantlepiece candle display as Kate couldn't resist making the adult reference – Kate even made headlines in 2019 for revealing her vagina name on Instagram. It's Harold Wilson.

Kate's parents themselves have been headline-makers this year. Back in March, Beckinsale thanked friends in the U.S. for caring for her mom and 83-year-old stepdad amid the pandemic.

Kate, 47, Dates Goody Grace, 23

Goody Grace poses for a selfie

Kate's biggest headline-maker this year remains her relationship with musician Goody Grace. The 23-year-old Canadian is half Kate's age, also a touch older than Kate's 21-year-old daughter Lily Mo Sheen. The April-commenced couple has already exchanged "I love yous" on Instagram, although they've likewise received their fair share of criticism – Kate, in particular.

The "Much Ado About Nothing" star is now known for her troll clapbacks as fans taunt her over the marked age gap. Kate is also known for dating younger men, having been in a relationship with 26-year-old SNL face Pete Davidson, 21-year-old Matt Rife, and 30-year-old comedian Jack Whitehall.

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