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Brandi Glaville

Brandi Glanville SLAMS Bravo And 'RHOBH' Cast For Using Her And Not Being Authentic

By Clark Sparky

Despite not being a full-time cast member on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Brandi Glanville has been the center of the second half of this season's storyline. When details of her alleged affair with Denise Richards emerged, that scandal quickly became the most talked about drama on the show. While it has thrust Glanville back into the Bravo spotlight (she previously left the show in 2015 after four years on the cast), she feels that the network is using her.

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Glanville was a guest on Celeb Chat and spilled the tea on how she really feels.

"I’m just really frustrated at this point," she admitted. "I enjoy doing things with the other women but I feel like the carrot has been dangled for so many years. They call me back for a couple things. I make no money and then they use me the whole season for their PR."

There have been rumors swirling that Bravo might bring Glanville back as an official cast member next season, but she poured cold water on that notion earlier this week saying it's not true.


She went on to blast the women on the cast of "RHOBH" for not being as authentic as the other shows in the franchise.

"[RHOA] and [RHONY are] so real because they’re actually drinking and they’re actually going through shit and going to jail, fighting with cops," Glanville said. "I feel like [the cast of RHOBH] is like, ‘I’m going to pretend to drink alcohol and have my hair and makeup done for $100,000.’ It’s a middle-aged fashion show where everyone is so regimented."

Despite not being heavily featured in the three-part season reunion that is airing on September 10th, Glanville was a big part of the season finale that aired this week.

Dorit Kemsley held a housewarming party for her new home and invited all the women and their significant others. She did not, however, invite Glanville, but that didn't stop her from making a surprise appearance. She was apparently hoping that Richards would be there so they could sit down and clear the air.


During the party, Glanville claimed to Kemsley that she texted Richards and told her she was going to be at the party. "I was like, 'I'm gonna see you tonight.' I assumed she would be here, so I sent her a text giving her a head's up. I think if her and I could just sit down together and have a conversation without everyone involved, it's just no one else's business," she said.

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