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A photo showing Bella Thorne sitting on a wooden surface, dressed in purple and golden satin dress and purple purse to match.

Sean Baker Backs Out Of OnlyFans Documentary Amid Bella Thorne’s Scam

Instagram / Bella Thorne
By Favour

Bella Thorne has been the center of media discussion since she opened her OnlyFans page. Initially, there were reports of how much she made in just a week of owning the page and that sent the internet on a rampage.

However, now, it seems like the tables have turned a little as the actress is being dragged online for allegedly defrauding her fans. Also, Sean Baker, who was set to do a documentary on how Thorne's fan page blew up, just confirmed that he is no longer interested.

Fans Slam Bella Thorne On Social Media With Scam Accusations

A photo showing Bella Thorne trying to make her way during a heavy blizzard and she has on a fitted black pant

A few days after Thorne commenced her OnlyFans page, she bragged online about the huge amount of money she had made without showing her private parts to her viewers. While this seemed like a go girl moment for the actress, it later backfired on her.

Fans started accusing the 22-year-old of being a scammer. They argued that they expected her to show more skin when they were joining the page, as that is what is naturally attributed to that kind of page. However, she did not do any of that.

Sean Baker Is Reportedly Pissed With Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne dazzles in orange bra-top and denim short, with an orange fur jacket.
Instagram / Bella Thorne

A popular movie director, known as Sean Baker, had reportedly put plans in place, to create a documentary centered around OnlyFans and Thorne's record breaking fortune that she got from the page. However, as soon as the backlash on the actress became more aggressive, the director decided to back out immediately.

On Friday, he put out a statement, saying that he had no intention of making a documentary about Thorne, because the situation does not concern him in any way.

Did Thorne just get denied?

Sean Baker Wanted To Engage Bella Thorne On Her Life Experiences

A photo of Sean Baker picking out a book from a library and he is dressed in a blue suit and black inner T-shirt.
YouTube / Sean Baker

Furthermore, Baker revealed in his statement that he only had a discussion with Thorne at the beginning of the month. They had discussed about a possible collaboration in the future.

He also went on to say that the collaboration was for a documentary that centered on her life experiences that led to her decision, to create an OnlyFans account.

Baker also revealed that the only involvement he had in the creation of the adult website page, was when he advised the actress to speak to professionals in the business.

How Much Did Bella Thorne Hurt Sex Workers?

A photo of Sean Baker showing him dressed in a blue suit and tie, speaking at an event.
YouTube / Sean Baker

Since Thorne's page came up and the accusations began to fly, sex workers have also aired their frustration about the actress' page. They complained bitterly about how she has made a lot of things difficult for people in their position.

The website has reportedly hiked the price of tips to $100. Also, anyone who has a page, has to wait for extra days before they can get their cash off the website.

The sex workers believe that this is hurting content creators as well as viewers.

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