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Brad Pitt on the red carpet

Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend Allegedly In 'Open Marriage' With 68-Year-Old!

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By Jacob Highley

Brad Pitt is one of the world’s foremost leaders in looking spectacular no matter what you wear. The 56-year-old actor is best known for his acting roles which usually accentuate his incredible physique and jawline.

Often seen with wavy hair and a smile that has left famous women like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie totally smitten, Pitt’s acting career is only trumped by how often he is featured in the celebrity tabloids over his previous divorces and love life.

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Not So Single

Brad Pitt in tan shirt

Recent news has the media wheeling after more information has surfaced surrounding Pitt’s latest muse and bombshell girlfriend Nicole Poturalski.

Although the headlines were basically nothing but speculation at first, now a source has come out from DailyMail claiming that Nicole is not so available as was first thought. In fact, the source claims Nicole is married to a 68-year-old man who owns a famous restaurant known as “Borchardt”.

Though this wasn't even the first time he actually met Nicole, according to the source.

Not The First Meeting

Giphy | Golden Globes

The owner of the establishment is named Roland Mary, and according to the aforementioned source, Pitt actually met both Roland and Nicole years ago in 2009 after the release of a movie he starred in called “Inglourious Basterds”.

The source went into a fair bit of detail as they described how Nicole and Pitt got together.

“Brad Pitt first met Nicole in August last year at Borchardt which is her husband Roland’s restaurant. Brad Pitt has been coming to Borchardt for years. He knows Roland and Nicole was at the restaurant when he came to celebrate his new film. Brad was introduced to Roland’s wife Nicole and she passed him her number.”

Confirmed Affair

Brad Pitt with microphone
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Rather ironically, the source also explained that while Nicole is married to Roland, the restaurant owner doesn’t mind!

Pitt has gone on record for publicly apologizing to his first wife Jennifer Aniston (who also happens to be a famous actress, most notably recognized from the TV show “Friends”) after he confirmed to have cheated on her with who he would later marry, Angelina Jolie.

Pitt explained that he regretted how the media interpreted his decisions, stating that his love life with Angelina shouldn’t have made his relationship with Aniston any less special.

Living Life Unabashed

Brad Pitt with grey beard
Wikimedia |,_Margo_Robbie,_and_Leonardo_DiCaprio_2019_by_Glenn_Francis.jpg

He told the press that he was still on good terms with her despite their separation, and said he didn’t regret his marital decisions.

Furthermore, Pitt detailed that his decisions to live a more purpose-driven life had given him a sense of joy, not letting his mistakes haunt him.

This lines up pretty much perfectly with his latest dating exploits, and it shows that the actor is still living things up since it sounds like he isn't really looking for another marriage.

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