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Kelsea Ballerini in the street

Kelsea Ballerini Unashamed Of Target Bikini In Stunning Beach Snap

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By Rebecca Cukier

Kelsea Ballerini has zero problem admitting she buys her bikinis at Target. The 26-year-old country singer, fast-rising in the music world, updated her Instagram ahead of the weekend with a stunning beach snap as she flaunted her killer swimsuit body – the "homecoming queen?" singer, known to reply to fan comments, was also happy to oblige when a follower asked where she'd shopped her stylish, tie-dye two-piece.

Kelsea, whose third studio album was dubbed an "ideal" quarantine companion earlier this year, has taken herself off for a little break. Check it out below.

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Keeping It Real In Target Swimwear

Kelsea Ballerini poses outdoors in shorts and cowboy boots

Scroll for the photo. The above one dates back to Kelsea's "drive in" snap on August 16 as the Tennessee native shouted out lock-down entertainment and country vibes in her cowboy boots.

Kelsea, followed by 2.2 million, updated today Friday with her Amazonian frame stripped down to a fun, multi-color, and pastel bikini, plus a loose blue shirt as she treaded powder-fine sands while holding a beverage. A caption from the 2020 AMC Awards-confirmed singer read:

"A little reset before the fun begins. 🐠."

Totally Ok Saying It's Target

Kelsea Ballerini on the beach in a bikini

And it woudn't be the first time. Kelsea, whose pandemic Instagram activity has seen her admit to everything from "weekly" dates at Chick-Fil-A to a body weight that has bounced around, quickly racked up comments – seemingly, similar ones to an August 2 snap that saw her admit her bikini was from Target.

"WHERE is your suit from?" a fan asked, promptly getting a "Targettttt" reply.

"WHERE IS YOUR JACKET FROM???" another asked.

Kelsea replied: "It's a true religion shirt from like 5 years ago but I just love it and can never get rid of it."

Equally Happy To Get Honest About Pandemic Weight

Kelsea Ballerini poses by wallpaper in shorts

Kelsea, who has shared her McDonald's love via the fast-food chain's socks, takeout Nuggets, and those Chick-Fil-A car selfies, was happy to get honest and talk body-positivity amid the pandemic – she admitted to weight going "back and forth" while writing:

"I’m finally getting to a place where I feel a bit of balance again, getting back into my workout routines, not only cooking comfort meals (but wow was the pasta streak fun while it lasted)."

Kelsea's fans responded positively, but the leggy bombshell still gets those comments: "LEGS!" one fan wrote. Scroll for the McDonald's socks.

Album Is An 'Ideal' Companion For Social Distancing

Kelsea Ballerini poses in bed with a wine glass

Kelsea's third studio album, "kelsea," features tracks including "Overshare" and "L.A." The record landed Ballerini a Rolling Stone feature, with the singer admitting that these are bizarre times.

“I’m not going to lie, I had a few days of just being flat disappointed and pacing my floors trying to find a way around something there is no way around," Kelsea said, adding: " However, the more I zoom out, the more I realize that this is a time where people want and need music more than ever.”

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