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Bella Hadid Reveals 'Invisible' Lyme Disease, Sister Gigi Shares Her 'Guilt'

Instagram @Bellahadid
By Jacob Highley

Bella Hadid just came forward revealing how she and her family have suffered from what she’s called an “invisible” ailment called Lyme disease. The 23-year-old model expressed how much she suffers and has suffered since she was a teenager. Originally unaware of what was wrong, Bella eventually came to realize that she wasn’t just having a bad day, bad week, or bad month, but had in fact inherited an illness that her family suffers with.

An illness that reportedly has no cure readily available.

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'We Suffer Daily'

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"Every day I feel at least 10 of these attributes without fail ... since I was probably 14, but more aggressively when I turned 18," Bella shared.

"What we suffer daily," she pointed out. "With no cure.”

Interestingly, Bella’s sister Gigi doesn’t suffer from the disease. In fact, she became a huge help to the family because while her family members would be sick, she was able to support them in different ways.

She gave personal testimony to how she helped her mother and brother out when this happened.

'A Lot Of Guilt'

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Instagram @Bellahadid

"Growing up, having three of my family members sick made me very independent. My mom couldn’t drive or get out of bed some days, so I took my brother to school with me, or I made lunch.”

Although Gigi did what she could to help her family out, she still felt “guilt” over being the only person to not feel what they felt.

"But I also felt a lot of guilt for being the one person in the family who didn’t understand what they were going through. It’s hard when your whole family is in pain and you don’t know what to do."

'For Good'

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Instagram @Bellahadid

Belle has been outspoken on her views about racism and social activism. She has shared many pictures and statements expressing her support of Black Lives Matter, her open mocking of police officers, and has posted to bring awareness to the death of George Floyd.

She told the press that she feels it her duty to use her social media influence for “good”, and supports people expressing their truth, though her posts about racism have caused quite a bit of controversy online.

"I have so much responsibility to use my platform for good, especially as I get older.”


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Bella expressed her disappointment in the fashion industry after she found certain hair dressers or makeup artists weren’t trained to work with a wider variety of skin types, which she claims contributes to the Black community feeling further alienated from the runways.

She has also come forward bringing awareness to the recent events in Lebanon that have left hundreds of thousands displaced due to the mass destruction in the city. She urged people to support the people there, especially with so many children homeless and suffering.

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