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A collage photo showing Future and Lori Harvey, who have allegedly broken up.

Fans Rejoice Over Alleged Split Between Rapper Future & Lori Harvey

Instagram | Future Hendrix
By Favour

Sometimes, fans can be mean when passing messages across to their favorites. Other times, they are amazingly sweet. It's safe to say that whatever mood fans give off, they always look out for the best interest of their favorite celebrity.

Recently, fans took to Twitter to share how excited they feel about Lori Harvey and rapper, Future's split. The duo are no longer friends on Instagram and have even taken down pictures of each other from their pages.

Is that what brought about a conclusion for fans? Read below to find out more.

What Convinced Fans About This Romance?

A photo of Future dressed in an orange pull-over, focusing on his phone.
Instagram | Future Hendrix

About three months ago, Future mentioned Lori's name in his album and this proved that the duo were in a relationship at the time. Although fans had no idea when the romance initially began, they had no doubt that the duo were dating.

Furthermore, the lovers often posted photos of each other and photos that they took together on Instagram. While this looked like a new and beautiful love, a lot of people were skeptical about Future.

Maybe because he has been with several women and has six kids already.

How Do Fans Feel About The Breakup?

A beautiful Lori Harvey sporting a black body-con dress, with an awesome view behind her.
Instagram | Lori Harvey

Taking from what majority are saying on Twitter, fans are not sad about the breakup. If anything, they are thankful that Lori walked away without becoming a mother to Future's seventh child.

Some other fans are excited and anticipating the rapper's new album that they believe will be about the split. Apparently, fans prefer a broken Future in the studio than one who s head over heels for a woman.

Can this get any messier?

Read below for more tweets from fans who are beaming with joy over Future's broke heart.

Fans Weigh In On Lori Harvey & Future Split

A photo showing Future coming out of his trailer park, dressed in an orange striped sweater and blue pant to match.
Instagram | Future Hendrix

"Lori Harvey escaping Fertile Future without getting knocked up." A fan said.

"Future and Lori Harvey broke up and she didn't get pregnant. City girls up 100 points." Another fan posted on Twitter.

"The streets been waiting. Classic incoming. Thank you for your service Lori Harvey." A fan said.

"Future upset cause Lori Harvey pulled a him on him without a baby. Men can't handle what they put women through lol." A fan said.

As the trolling unfolds, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of one of Future's posts on Instagram, where he seemingly shaded Lori.

What Is Rapper Future's Real Name?

A picture of Future taken unawares and it shows him staring at his arm.
Instagram | Future Hendrix

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn was born in Atlanta Georgia, U.S on November 20, 1983. The name Future, was a nickname given to him by "The Dungeon Family." As his career progressed, he decided to retain the name as his official stage name.

Members of TDF, which included his cousin, encouraged Future to continue with his rap career. They also advised him to get things right when it came to writing.

Over the past few years. Future has released some amazing songs and collaborated with artistes like Drake on a Track.

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