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Farrah Abraham in a TikTok with daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham Sickens Fans As Daughter's Nude Phone Pics Report Resurfaces

By Rebecca Cukier

Farrah Abraham appears to have disgusted fans – seemingly, without doing anything new. The former "Teen Mom OG" star is fast racking up requests to have CPS called on her after a 2018 article resurfaced on social networking site Reddit. Farrah, 29, admitted – with no shame – two years ago that she had nude snaps of then 9-year-old daughter Sophia on her phone.

Farrah's daughter is now 11 years old, having made headlines this year for being smacked in the face by her mom's vibrator. Scroll for the storm.

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Admitted To 'Naked Pictues On Our Phones Of Each Other'

Farrah Abraham in the street with Sophia
Gettyimages | Team GT

Things got heated as fans were sent down memory lane with Farrah's 2018 words to TMZ in a thread entitled: "Where’s Farrah’s arrest? Farrah has admitted to sharing nudes with her daughter."

Farrah, at the time defending Kim Kardashian's backlash over daughter North West taking nudes of her, told the media outlet:

“My daughter and I, we run around the house naked and we just live life free. I mean, we have naked pictures on our phones of each other because we’re like a mom and daughter crew.”

Calls For CPS Over 'Sick' Behavior

Farrah Abraham poses at a cosmetics clinic on a bed

Farrah – herself controversial with a 2013-released sex tape, plenty of adult Instagram content, and multiple allegations of escorting – is getting slammed.

"If it was any other teen mom, or anyone in general CPS would have already intervened. This is sick," one user wrote.

"If a man posted this, even if it were with his son, I guarantee there would be hell to pay. How she repeatedly gets passes for behavior like this is astounding," another added.

Farrah this year claimed she was sex-shamed as her yacht video with Sophia went viral.

Farrah Denies CPS Called In 2020

Farrah Abraham in the street with pink hair
Gettyimages | Hollywood To You/Star Max

Amid other responses seeing fans wish CPS would stop Farrah homeschooling Sophia, responses also saw Farrah's admission dubbed "disgusting" – "Someone needs to intervene to help," a user stated.

Somebody did spot that the article was old: "2018," they wrote, but people didn't seem fussed. In fact, they appeared flat-out enraged.

Farrah has already spent part of this year denying that CPS was called on her – but not for nude photos. Allegations that Farrah jetted off abroad and left Sophia home alone led to speculation that the authorities had gotten involved. The rumors were eventually denied by Farrah's mother.

Eyebrows Over Sophia Joining Lingerie Yacht Outing

Farrah Abraham on a yacht with Sophia

Farrah likewise faced backlash with a high-profile yacht trip back in January. The Nebraska native opted to have Sophia join her as she was serenaded by a violin-player during a day trip – the problem for fans? The set red undies deemed inappropriate by many.

Comments left to the Reddit thread continue. "Disgusting. I literally couldn’t imagine having naked pics of my child. Wtf," one fan responded.

Farrah shot to fame on MTV's "16 & Pregnant" before becoming a core member of "Teen Mom OG." She left the series in 2018.

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