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Britney Spears poses for a photo

Britney Spears Sparks Fears Barefoot In Shorts With 'Hot Mess' Hair

By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears can't seem to win. The 38-year-old pop icon this month failed to free herself from the 12+ years of financial control seeing dad Jamie Spears in charge of her finances and many other aspects of her life – alongside her 2008-commenced conservatorship, the "Toxic" singer faces an Instagram following hell-bent on believing that she's unsafe. In fact, Britney's 26.1 million followers seem convinced that she isn't even controlling her own account.

On Monday night, Britney uploaded another of her legendary home dance videos. Check it out below, plus the response.

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Admits 'Very Sweaty' With 'Hot Mess' Hair

Britney Spears dancing in shorts at home

Scroll for the video. It showed Spears working her body to the max in tiny yellow and patterned shorts, plus a sports bra. The mom of two shimmied her killer figure around while barefoot and listening to music, with a lengthy caption addressing her pandemic boredom, love of food, workout habits, and more.

Britney, opening by saying she was "very sweaty," also addressed her messy hair, something she dubbed "hot mess" as she wrote: "I KNOW, I KNOW." The video, racking up over 800,000 views overnight, now comes littered with concerned comments.

Fans Say: 'Hi Britney's Team'

Britney Spears poses in a floral top

If you aren't up-to-date, here's the situation. Britney's #FreeBritney army is largely of the opinion that the singer – who reportedly doesn't have an email address – isn't controlling her social media. The concept is based on the star's repetitive and sometimes a touch bizarre posts. 2020 has seen Britney in endless similar images shot against a red, yellow, or white wall. Backyard settings are fresher, but nonetheless repetitive.

"Hi Britney's team," a fan wrote, with over 1,500 others agreeing.

"This keeps getting weirder and weirder," another said – over 2,400 likes came in for that. More after the video.

Concern Genuine Despite Britney Saying She's Fine


Britney, once trolled over her mental health, sees little in the way of cyber-bullying on her social media these days. Worries are the predominant response, also seen from celebrities including "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter and "Orange Is The New Black" actress Ruby Rose.

Britney has been clapping back, though. In July, the star stated she was being "authentic," with August seeing her post time-stamped images from August 6 and taken at 1.26 a.m.

"Just so you guys know these aren’t old ... check the date at the top of the 2nd pic 📸😉🙃🙃😘 !!!!

Talks Crystals, McDonald's As Fans Want Their Girl Back

Britney Spears poses in shorts and a crop top

Britney, who also been featuring boyfriend Sam Asghari on her IG this summer with cute and masked beach dates, plus biking, has been busy with Q&A videos. The problem for fans is that "nobody is asking these questions" – a reply you'll see to many of the uploads. The videos have seen Spears reveal chili dogs to be her favorite food, McDonald's over Burger King, plus "Frozen" as her favorite Disney movie. Just yesterday, the star talked healing crystals.

Britney's 68-year-old father Jamie Spears, meanwhile, defends his daughter's conservatorship. He has called the #FreeBritney movement both a "joke" and a "conspiracy theory."

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