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Video Game Streamer Corinna Kopf Begs Fans Not To Read Her F* Me Shirt

By Jeff Mazzeo

Corinna Kopf is putting out mixed signals!

The professional video game streamer and influencer teased her millions of fans on Monday. The blonde beauty wore a black sweatshirt with a rather sultry command embroidered across her chest. Corinna, who boasts over 4.7 million Instagram followers, begged her fans not to read the risqué phrase.

"please don’t read my hoodie," Kopf pleaded with her fans (she actually wants you to read her hoodie).

Scroll down to see her latest fashion choice.

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Forbidden Fruit


Judging by the reaction of her fans, they couldn't resist the forbidden fruit and read the sultry phrase. More than a few had some thoughts... and they were not the pure kind.

"CORINNA!!!! NAUGHTY !!! ok I’m down," her hot influencer friend commented.

"oh say less😏😏😏," a pleased fan wrote while another said, "Can I at least take you out for dinner first? Sheesh."

Some fans seemed a little desperate... but that's just how she likes them!

"yes i do the cooking yes i do the cleaning," a rather taken fan revealed.

"it’s my birthday thank you for my gift of these pictures."

How Do You Like It?


Teasing her followers is nothing new for the star. In fact, she shared two different pictures of herself wearing a cute, red floral suit and gave fans a choice of her two sides.

"naughty or nice?" she wrote alongside the smoking hot swimsuit snaps.

Model Addison Rae, who just did a sultry photoshoot with Kourtney Kardashian, commented, "you’re hot."

It's no surprise that most of her rather outgoing followers wanted her to be naughty but one specific commented clarified. "naughty in the sheets nice in the streets 🤐😎," they wrote.

She's Legit


It's hard to believe someone so hot could be into videogames but its 2020 so get over it! Kopf announced that she signed an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming back in December and now that is the only place to play with her.

"I’m super happy to announce that I'm now streaming exclusively on @facebookgaming ! Most of you know gaming has become a huge part of my life over the last year. As a female gamer, it's so important for me to find a home that not only empowers myself but also all of you, in order to make a positive impact in the gaming world. I'm so appreciative for all of your continuous support over the past few years and hope you join me in this move to a platform that I truly believe in ❤️," she wrote on social media at the time.

She's Single


Great news if you are one of her delusional followers that actually thinks that you have a chance with Corinna. She is single and ready to mingle! She posted a very nice thirst trap earlier this month to express her singlitis.

"so single it hurts," she captioned a photo where she had her long blonde hair in pigtails.

Don't get your hopes up... you still have no chance.

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