Ken Jeong on his Fox show I Can See Your Voice

Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, & Nicole Byer Appear In Musical Holiday Special

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By Kristin Myers on December 11, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST

Comedian Ken Jeong is headed back to Fox!

Jeong is best-known to audiences as a judge on Fox's musical guessing game show "The Masked Singer," which wraps up its sixth season on Wednesday, December 15.

He also hosted another Fox musical guessing game competition called "I Can See Your Voice." Fans will be pleased to hear that the show has been renewed for a second season that will return on January 5, 2022.

But before the show's sophomore season officially gets underway, there's going to be a Holiday Spectacular featuring many celebrity stars on the day before "The Masked Singer" finale on Tuesday, December 14.

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Celebrities Celebrate Holiday-Themed Christmas Special

One of the most-anticipated celebrity appearances comes from former "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul. Abdul and Jeong previously served as judges on "The Masked Singer" spin-off show, "The Masked Dancer." Also joining them is the Netflix "Nailed It!" host, NicoleByer.

In addition, DebbieGibson and "I Can See Your Voice" alums AdrienneBailon and CherylHines will also be making an appearance.

Although they won't be joining the Christmas special, Jeong's former "Community" stars JoelMcHale and Alison Brie will appear later in the season.

Jeong's other "The Masked Singer" judges Nicole Scherzinger and RobinThicke appeared during the show's first season, leaving fans to wonder if judge JennyMcCarthy-Wahlberg will be joining in the fun this season!

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What Is 'I Can See Your Voice' About?

The show is a musical guessing game show. One contestant is presented with six singers and must determine if they are a good singer or a bad singer without ever listening to them sing!

Instead, they must use a series of clues, lip-syncing karaoke, and other challenges in order to try to determine if the singer is a good singer or a bad singer. The goal of the game is to eliminate all of the bad singers to bank points before the final round. Although each round was worth $10,000 dollars last season, that number has gone up! Players can now earn $15,000 dollars by correctly identifying a bad singer this season.

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After five singers have been eliminated, the player can bet their winnings that the last singer remaining is a good singer. The last singer will then perform a duet with a celebrity guest. The duet will either produce a harmonious melody... or have people at home reaching for their remotes to change the channel!

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New Twists Will Make Season Two One To Remember!

Ken Jeong recently teased that a few changes have been made to season 2. New twists have been introduced to make the show even more exciting than its first season.

One of these twists is called the Golden Mic. "With this lifeline, you can receive some additional help from tonight’s mystery celebrity," Jeong revealed.

"The fun thing is you don’t have to have a skill set to play this game," Adrienne added.

Jeong described season two as "it is bigger, it is better, it is Kenner."

The "I Can See Your Voice" Holiday Spectacular special event premies on Tuesday, December 14, at 8 PM EST on Fox.

Season 2 will officially commence on January 5 and feature former "The Masked Singer" performers like Jewel and Bow Wow, along with other secret celebrity guests yet to be revealed!

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