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Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin Claps Back At Haters That Say She's Too Old To Wear Leotards

By Jeff Mazzeo

Nastia Liukin will not let anyone say a bad word about leotards!

The Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast responded to a hater that said she is too old to wear her favorite style of clothing on Monday. The beauty just dropped her new leotard collection with Ozoneleos and told the naysayer to shove it. She shared a gorgeous photo that featured her wearing one of her leotards just to spite the person who spoke out against her fashion sense and called her out for being rude.

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Back Off, Hater!


Nastia was wearing the "'Legend' leotard with its gorgeous sublimated body in vibrant purple and gold," according to the company. A "sublimated body" means that high heat and pressure was used to embed design into a solid piece of material (we had to look it up).

A fan's comment irked the star and she politely/publicly lashed out against the hater.

"to the woman in my DMs who said i should start dressing more like a 30 year old. 1. what does that even mean? 2. who said 30 year olds can’t wear leotards (maybe they shouldn’t, but this cute @ozoneleos number just dropped in my new collection today, on 8.24 and I’m obsessed with it) 💛💜," she captioned her stunning pic.

Fashion Forward


Liukin has pretty much spent most of her life in a leotard so she's obviously passionate about them. Now that she doesn't compete anymore, she switched to swimsuits but they are pretty much the same thing.

Fashion has always been a big part of her life and she has been enjoying getting her fashionista influence game on because she is trying on more outfits than ever. After getting flooded with questions about her chic outfits, she decided to share her style and brands that she loves the most with her fans... she's got over a million followers so it seems to be working out!

Relationship Status: Unknown


The question of Nastia's relationship status has been a secret for several months now. She recently moved from Los Angeles back home to Dallas and expressed that she is finding herself. Sounds like a breakup to us but there was no official word from the star until late last week.

"hi 🤎 posted this on my stories today, but the amount of DMs I get on a daily (and in my q+a today) about my relationship status is quite astonishing. I understand I have been pretty much an open book in the past and have shared a lot of my life — professional and personal — but in the last 6-12 months I have learned that perhaps not everything is always meant to be shared with the world and I have truly enjoyed my personal life off of social media more than ever before. I’m not saying I will never share my personal life with you all, but I also believe we are all more than a relationship and relationships don’t define anyone. one of my girlfriends told me today: “who you date isn’t what makes you interesting” and in my opinion that could not be more true. all that being said, I appreciate all of your questions, I will say is I am happy and that is the most important thing, right? ps spot harley takin a nap 🐶," she wrote on social media.

Translation? Sounds like she's single and loving every minute of it.

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