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A photo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interacting with their fans on the street.

Royal Expert Says Meghan Markle Was A Handful For The Royal Family

Instagram | Harry & Meghan
By Favour

Meghan Markle has been praised, best down, criticized and talked harshly about, by critics all over the world. They insist every day that she is the perpetrator of ‘Megxit.’

Markle also faced ridicule for her background and some people saw her as unfit to be a duchess in the royal family. Notwithstanding, she has taken all that negativity and turned it into a life lesson that she must learn as she continues to go.

The question now is, was Markle too much for the royal household?

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Meghan Markle Could Not Be Handled

Meghan Markle looks adorable in this photo showing her with a bright smile on her face.
Instagram | Harry & Meghan

A royal expert seems to believe that the royal family went about a lot of things wrongly. They did not understand Markle’s personality and lifestyle, therefore, there they flopped in their decision to mould her.

In other world, the expert believes that the term royal is not a term that can ever perfectly describe Markle. It also shows that the duchess is not the kind of person that the royal family would handle.

There were several accounts of the duchess getting bullied by people who did not understand her

The Royal Family Made It Difficult For Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle looks awesome in this black long-sleeve outfit as she poses for an outdoor photo shoot.
Instagram | Harry & Meghan

The royal family could have done a lot of things differently, but they chose to sit back and watch as events unfolded.

Since her marriage to Prince Harry, British tabloids have spread countless rumors about the duchess. Some of which were viewed as targeted harassment by some of her fans.

Through all this, the royal home did nothing to defend her or try to help her through it. It was at this point that she knew she had to start looking out for her family.

“Finding Freedom” Supports Meghan Markle.

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A lot of British experts have their thoughts and opinions about who Markle really is. However, a newly published book titled “Finding Freedom,” explained vividly, the plight of the duchess in the hands of the royal family.

According to the book, Markle did not receive support from members of the royal family when she came in newly. They left her to face those difficulties alone and after a while, things escalated.

Presently, Markle and Harry are in a court battle with some tabloids that evaded their privacy.

Meghan Markle Was Never Royal-Type

A throwback photo of Meghan Markle dressed in a long-sleeve black jacket and black inner shirt, with gold wristwatch and bracelet.
Instagram | Harry & Meghan

One thing that the royals failed to come to terms with, when it came to Markle, was that she had never been royal and would have a difficult time adjusting.

One of the reasons why she came into the family, is because she was willing to accept and learn from them.

The writers of the book, named Scobie and Duran, also pointed out the fact that Kate Middleton made the situation worse.

They believe that, Middleton refused to become an ally and help Markle through those tough times.

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