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Olivia Culpo poses on a bed smiling

Olivia Culpo Builds A Musical Fudge Cake In Her Underpants

By Rebecca Cukier

Olivia Culpo is baking cakes in her undies. The 29-year-old Sports Illustrated model is no stranger to whipping up mouth-watering cakes over on her Instagram – she did it with a carrot cake earlier this year while wearing a teeny sports bra. Olivia, followed by 4.7 million, updated on Saturday with a mega cake session – this wasn't your standard pound cake and shove it in the oven deal.

If you don't live inside the Rhode Island native's Instagram, it's as much food as it is fashion, with the "Model Squad" star recently showing her love of fried chicken sandwiches. Check it out below.

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Not Just About The Fried Chicken

Olivia Culpo poses holding a chicken sandwich outdoors

Scroll for snippets from the story. Olivia, who co-owns the Back 40 restaurant with her family in Rhode Island and recently showcased the eatery's enormous sandwiches, had been filmed at home. The brunette, known for her teeny-tiny waistline, had hints of hers on show, with a white outfit definitely risking it given the amount of chocolate around.

Olivia was filmed at a counter and building a giant musical fudge cake that wound up having piano key decor and a ton of whipped cream.

Starting To Build It

Olivia Culpo icing a cake

Keep scrolling for the finished product. The video shouted out custom baking and cake kits brand Celebrations In The Kitchen, with Olivia likely using the company's products. She kicked off appearing in white underpants with a matching crop top, plus a cream-colored duster. No apron seemed necessary.

The layers were bare-boned at the start:

"Guys, I am about to make the fastest cake I've ever made before. This is the chocolate fudge... ," Olivia said as she carefully piped out fudge and created a sandwich setup with the cake parts. Scroll for the finished result.

Doing A Pretty Good Job

Olivia Culpo shares her musical cake

Olivia, fully made up and with manicured hands, then continued:

"Now, we are going to start icing the cake which is the hardest part."

It took a while to get there, as Culpo added: "Now we're gonna start icing...for real" before piecing together more layers, smoothing out the white frosting, and delicately placing the musical and edible outer cake decor.

If you're not familiar with Olivia and her cakes, the U.S. flag Memorial Day weekend cake she showcased during her Colorado travels had Instagram calling her "straight wife material."

Scroll for the star's killer bikini body.

Just Lost All Her Phone Photos, #NoBackUpNeeded

Olivia Culpo poses in a red bikini holding a polaroid camera

Olivia made headlines ahead of the weekend, and not for her steamy relationship with NFL player Christian McCaffrey who this summer joined his girlfriend as the couple ate Chick-Fil-A sandwiches on a boat. On Friday, Culpo let Instagram know that she'd lost all of her phone photos. Fortunately, the model's polaroid camera proved a handy backup.

Olivia shared a bikini, puzzle, and OJ snap that was first posted to her Instagram in January 2020, writing:

"I lost all of the photos in my phone so I’m going to start carrying around this guy instead 📸 #nobackupneeded #waterproof."

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