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Rebel Wilson Wows With Incredible 40-Pound Weight Loss In Disney T-Shirt

Instagram @Rebelwilson
By Jacob Highley

Rebel Wilson just dropped some epic updates on her social media profile on Instagram. The 40-year-old actress was glowing after revealing that she’s reportedly lost about 40 pounds as of her latest post.

The blonde “Pitch Perfect” movie actress has gone on to appear in a multitude of different films, all showing off different sides of Wilson’s acting ability. The latest film she appeared in was the now-famous film “Jojo Rabbit”. (Which just so happens to feature another beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson)

Disney Princess

Instagram @Rebelwilson

Wilson’s latest picture shows the lovely comedian showing off her figure (albeit with a loosely fitting shirt), her hair down to her side, a wonderful background view, and a shirt with the word “Disney” written in large pink font.

Rebel rather fittingly captioned the post saying “Disney Princess” alongside several cute emoji’s.

The post has reached nearly 150 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Long-time fans of the “Bridesmaids” actress have continuously supported Wilson for her dedication to losing weight and staying healthy!


Instagram @Rebelwilson

Her latest post is now one of many that consistently show a steady drop down in weight for her. But some may not know that Rebel wasn’t always such a weight-loss enthusiast. In fact, the “Bogan Pride” actress told Independent Co that she used her “overweight” image as a primary source of her comedy, virtually becoming a “female Jonah Hill” as humorously said.

As her popularity grew, so did her weight. This prompted Wilson to start taking her health more seriously.

'Love Eating'

Instagram @Rebelwilson

“There’s a long tradition of bigger women in comedy,” Wilson shared, “I am quite a strategic person, so I was like, OK, I’m obviously overweight and love eating – bit of a personal flaw – so I’m gonna use that to my advantage and go hard with the comedy.”

Now that Wilson is well known, and has a better financial situation for herself, her focus on her personal fitness has been quite popular in the tabloids.

The primary reason that Wilson has never found her a serious romantic partner is actually a bit humorous. She claims that men aren’t interested in funny women for some unknown reason.

Sense Of Humor

Gettyimages | Stuart C. Wilson

“I’ve come across a weird thing romantically,” she says. “I’ve often been interested in funny men, but funny men are never interested, romantically, in funny women. Never. And I don’t quite understand, because people always say they value a sense of humor in a person, but yet when a woman is funny…”

Her latest weight loss has nothing to do with trying to get more sexy for men apparently as Wilson is just trying to stay healthy. Either way, good for her!


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